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I'd suggest reading a little bit on Wiki ( first to learn the fundamentals and then hitting on a code implementation site
17 years ago
REpresentational State Transfer, is a methodology to perform web application "actions". these actions could be GET, PUT, POST, DELETE, HEAD etc. In your web application if you're looking to gather some data back from a web resource, you'd want to use GET request. REST provides CRUD (create update delete) functionality through form actions. For intstance in order to add a record, you'd use PUT request and POST for update, DELETE for removing (or signaling to remove). It's much lightweight and easier to implement REST than SOAP request. It's less organised too, you might want to check AJAXPATTERNS.ORG website to learn a bit more about this methodology/pattern.
17 years ago
Since December 2000, I passed more than 200 Brainbench exmas, they expire after 3 years. About their respect, not much really. I never got any credit except for my first 4 tests that were part of a performance appraisal system in the company I worked for, in 2000.
Earlier all tests were free and then I got a free subscription which they gave it to me when published my interview on their site after it finished, my boss sponsored my subscription which I haven't made use of at all.

Brainbench certs just give personal satisfaction of knowing that you know a subject matter, no concrete value in the market.

Quality wise, not bad at all. Some of the tests such as Java 2.0, Java - XML etc, are really good.
[ August 17, 2006: Message edited by: Sumit Amar ]
I'm 25 and will be taking my part I in July.
Yes you can appear for SCEA, infact you could have appeared for SCEA even before SCJP. According to Sun, and which is correct, the audience for SCEA (Architects) is different than SCJP/D/WCD/BCD/MAD (Developers).
Thanks Deepak
I don't think I can complete all three from now until May 14. And I only have registered for I & III. I wanted to take time to do the assignment and finish up the prometric exams. Let's see how it goes.
Hi all!

I have a question about the sequence of SCEA exams. Can I take SCEA exams in the sequence Part I -> III -> II ? This is a requirement because I have registered for I and III and not paid for part II yet. And the deadline for I and III is May 14. I want to finish these two first and then take on Part II. Is that quite possible?
Is there any example that shows adding authentication information in SOAP headers?

It only includes SQL, hence no PL/SQL experience is required. The best book is the Oracle ILT, however you can use Osborne publication's 1Z0-007 book.
good luck
My result is not declared anywhere, checked prometric and certmanager.
Prometric says "No Show" and Certmanager doesn't even have it, (
Good Ramjet, I like point 8 !!
that's the way to go man!
Took the beta on Feb 7, well it contained way too many questions about Tags and that spooked me.
DD, EL and JSTL questions were okay, few JSTL questions bugged me though. I had ignored the patterns part presuming it's the same as previous SCWCD, but I was wrong. Core SCWCD portion was a cakewalk. Also I found some syntactical mistakes in the drag and drop questions viz. <jsp aram> wasn't closed.
Beta days for SCWCD are over and now time is to look forward to SCMAD.
good luck to all people who took this exam !
Thanks for your input Vedhas!
And also, Certifications list of Kelvin Chan, nearly caused me to faint.