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Recent posts by seshu kumar

Hi I need to run a jdk application on japanese OS.
So far this application has been developed, tested on Windows XP with jsdk 1.4.2.

What are the steps to make it working on Windows XP for japanese.
Please cover,
1) Are there different jdk/jre installables for japanese OS?
2) What are the URL's
3) What are the things to be taken care of in the application code


Please give me a start up on issues involved

15 years ago
I'm looking for good sites with comprehensive content on Core Java. Specifically I'm looking for patterns / Frameworks / API development etc. covers mostly distributed and server side stuff really.
I'm looking at core java swing applications, doing some heavy duty stuff.
17 years ago
you can use JBoss. Servlets/JMS/MDB works fine in JBoss.
JBoss comes with its own message Queue implementation. I havent tried it with external queue. Full Documentation on the latest version is not available as yet, so you would need some help from people who have done it before.
Lotus notes comes with a Java API. I dont know the exact details but you could use that.
Also if you want to access just the user directory(i.e. make LDAP calls to secureway) you can also use JNDI API or any LDAP compliant API like Netscape Directory Server java API.
Hope this helps
There is a JBoss3.0 Getting started pdf(Draft).
I dont remember the url but I got the link on some forum.
Try google you will get it.

Can you send me your ear file, i will run it on my JBoss instance and let you know.
It looks like a dynamic binding but isnt.
It is a case of pure method invocation and i think it is resolved at compile time itself.
Similar example

Whats will the result be?
Here is a code snippet

And output is

Shouldnt both method calls give Child Parent Version using Dynamic binding
My main motive for posting this topic was to get exposed to a variety of reading. Please do keep posting.

Originally by Sharu
Any list you'll get from other people can (and probably should) be examined objectively (or subjectively ) for bias (or personal preference ). Therefore unless you develop your personal objectives and believes, it will be hard to recommend anything.

One thing i have noticed many times, is I dont read a book based on what is written on the cover. I read it because of a nice review, or a push from a friend. See all these are prone to bias.
Please dont hold back. Go ahead and recommend.
After all books are a great pieces of creation (created out of nothing) by creative people.
Other books i just remembered,
1) Douglas Adams "Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy"
wow what a series that was. Mind boggling, Simply great creativity and great fun.
By the way I have all the etexts of douglas adams books.
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17 years ago

Originally posted by Pranav Jaidka:
I dont know what kind of philosophy youre interested in .......but I would recommend
Ayn Rand's books in case youre interested. Her philosophy is called 'Objectivism'.
Read the following.
1) The Fountainhead
2) Atlas Shrugged.
Amazing books both of them.
Try not to emulate the characters though. Cause its not practical for most people.
I believe Ayn Rand committed suicide coz she was trying to emulate her characters and could not successfully do that.

Hey I read both of them. I forgot to put these in the original post.
Though it might be difficult to emulate the characters, they have always been inspirational to me. I think the plot is created in such a skewed manner(specially in Atlas Shrugged) to bring out the real principles of objectivism. They were not meant to be emulated in exactness.
But I feel the principles do apply. It is a good book which policy makers of any country should be reading, if not following word to word.
There is always a middle path somewhere.
17 years ago
My topics of interest range from Science, Philosophy, Religion, Metaphysics, Science Fiction(ya! todays fiction is tomorrows science), Chaos theory, Genetics, astrophysics etc etc.
As i noticed there are quite a few people who are interested in these areas.
All these topics have blurred edges and at the periphery tend to become indistinguishable.
I want a compilation of a good list of books to read. And if they are available in etext format all the better.
My personal favourites are
a) Books by micheal crichton (JurassicPark, Timeline, Congo, etc etc)
b) Books by Fridjof Capra (Tao of physics, Web of life)
c) "Minds I", "Godel Eshcer Bach" (havent read this fully yet) by Douglas holfsdatar
d) Alice in wonderland
e) Chariots of God (might not believe everything but awesome revelations)
I will add more as i remember.
Please participate enthusiastically. A brief summary of the books should do a lot of good.
happy hunting
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17 years ago
How do I do this. In Which xml should i write the forign key relationhip?
By The way,
The Application is working fine. I'm able to read from the tables properly.
Only the tables created are
Table: Order
Field 1: ORDERID(PK)
Field 2: NAME
Table: Shipment
Field 2: CITY
Field 3: ZIPCODE
However if I set the following in jboss

and create my own tables as
Table: Order
Field 1: ORDERID(PK)
Field 2: NAME
Table: Shipment
Field 2: CITY
Field 3: ZIPCODE
When I deploy the app and run my jsp which calls findAllOrders on the OrderEJB I get the following error.

[ June 29, 2002: Message edited by: seshu kumar ]
Hi Jawwad,
I deployed this app using Oracle as the database. jboss created these tables for me during deployment.
I had earlier defined both local and remote interfaces for my ShipmentEJB. Now i have defined only Local interfaces as suggested in the book (and also in your code).
Still the result is the same.
I still dont know how to specify the foriegn key relationship between ORDER.SHIPMENT and SHIPMENT.SHIPMENT . The cmr field refers only to the Local reference of the SHIPMENT Bean with the Order Bean. How do i specify the foriegn key??
Refering to your code,
and a cmr field homeAddress.
How do you get a forign key column in your CUSTOMEREJB table pointing to ADDRESSEJB.ID??
Can you describe the table schema you are using?
I'm trying to deply Order-Shipment 1:1 CMP example from EdRomans book using JBoss 3.0
as in the book in my ejb-jar.xml I have,

I have declared two methods in Order entity bean class as

The tables created by JBoss are as follows
Table: Order
Field 1: ORDERID(PK)
Field 2: NAME
Table: Shipment
Field 2: CITY
Field 3: ZIPCODE
There is no FK constraint created.
Obviously the foriegn key relationship os missing. Where should i specify this. Please help!
[ June 28, 2002: Message edited by: seshu kumar ]
If you are using JBoss 3.0, you need to do the following,
1)Create a DataSource for Oracle. You do this by writing and deploying a Oracle-Service.xml as per JCA. Sample files are in JBossHome/docs/examples/jcs directory
2) Write a JBoss XML which and do the following mappings
a) Entity Beans <res-ref> to xml name for resource. This goes in your Entity bean tag of JBoss.xml. Refer DTD
b)Map xml name of the resource to the actual Datasource jndi name in the Resource Manager tag of jboss.xml
There was a good Tutorial on CMP with Jboss 3.0. Search in google you will get it.