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Recent posts by Larry Lecomte

Received my voucher for 287 exam this morning I had completed the Prime test on thursday night (Easter time). Yahoo
IBM is also leaving from the JCert bandwagon
ibm news
I wrote the 287 prime test on 18th. Hoping there are some vouchers left
How did you prepare for the exam? Do you have and do you need to have working experience with Websphere to pass? I read somewhere that the exam is more related to your knowledge of the J2EE specification than the Websphere specifics. Is that the case?
A question for Howard,
Do you have or do you plan to have a Web site dedicated to your study guide ?
I've started to read your book and it seems to give the essentials for the exam. Good work!
Larry Lecomte
For the 287 exam, there is the recommended book "Developing J2EE Applications with IBM WebSphere Studio" from Kushner and others. I recently posted a question on this book in the "Products" section because I wanted a review of this book before buying it ...
20 years ago
Hi Ranchers !
I'm starting my preparation for the 287 exam. Is there someone that bought the recommended book "Developing J2EE Applications with IBM WebSphere Studio" from Kushner and others? Is it well written and a good preparation for the exam? Do you think it is worth the money instead of printing some the redbooks?
Thx for your input
For Question 39. (1 Ans.)
JAAS CallbackHandlers are used by what object?
A. AuthPermssion
B. Policy
C. LoginModule
D. Credential

Answer should be C, because LoginModule has the initialize method with a callback handler for parameter.
Here is the link:
redbooks ibm
For specific redbooks, I have not yet passed the exam...
Forgot the mention that the log also contains the following:
[03.02.08 20:41:13:514 EST] 54e0d804 Server A WSVR0027I: Temporary product license expires on 7-Aug-03
[03.02.08 20:41:20:013 EST] 54e0d804 SASConfig X SECJ0108E: Unexpected exception occurred when getting user registry or registry attributes.
[03.02.08 20:41:25:541 EST] 54e0d804 Server U Version : 4.0.1
[03.02.08 20:41:25:581 EST] 54e0d804 Server U Edition: Advanced Single Server Edition for Multiplatforms
[03.02.08 20:41:25:671 EST] 54e0d804 Server U Build date: Thu Aug 09 00:00:00 EDT 2001
[03.02.08 20:41:25:701 EST] 54e0d804 Server U Build number: a0131.07
F WSVR0006E: Server Default Server failed during initialization : Windows 2000:The Workstation service has not been started.
Does that mean it is a service problem or a user registry access problem
21 years ago
I've installed a trial version of Websphere 4.0 of Windows 2000. I get the following error when starting the server:
Server Default Server failed during initialization : Windows 2000:The Workstation service has not been started.
The user that I log with as administrator rights and I've re-installed it the server without success.
What is the workstation service ? Are there other services (other that the 2 services for the HTTP server that work fine)that I should see ?
Any ideas
21 years ago
Here are some key question on IBM's 158 exam;
- how much of the exam is Websphere specific VS J2EE specific ?
- what Redbooks chapters to you recommend as a must read for the exam ?
- I think much of the exam is EJB and servlet/JSP oriented, but what about other J2EE api like JMS,RMI, or JNDI?
Thx you for your answers
Concerning Larman`s case study, you could upload it to yahoo`s OOAD_UML group. Maybe JavaRanch`s could offer this possibility in the future
Thx for the info. Gives some good ideas for preparation for the exam.
Concerning project management questions, I've found the following reference: web page
where it mentions the Walter Royce book 'software project management'. Are there any downloadable articles on this subject for the exam
There`s a new certification in Web development
coming from jcert jcert web certification
What do you think about it ?
I'm studying for the SCWCD exam and I found this
yesterday and I'm wondering if it is still useful
to get the SCWCD certification !