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Recent posts by Indrajit Donahar

Hey! Man
Just go and buy HF Servlets & JSP book and you won't regret it.

I got the book at christmas time last year and was able to pass the exam on the 6th Jan'05 after just 8days of study.

But the main issue is that, I remember all the concepts taught in the book for my daily work.

The knowledge is retained for a long time after the exam, period. The book is

Excellent notes for preparation.
Look in the specs for
"<jsp:useBean id=�connection� class=�com.myco.myapp.Connection�>
<jsp:setProperty name=�connection� property=�timeout� value=�33�>
Here the 'name' attribute of <jsp:setProperty> is referring to the 'id' attribute of the <jsp:useBean>
Also the spec describes the 'name' attribute as
"The name of a bean instance defined by a <jsp:useBean>
action or some other action. The bean instance must contain
the property to be set. The defining action must appear
before the <jsp:setProperty> action in the same file."

Also on the same page there is a comment which says "Don't put the 'id' name of the attribute here!".
Hope this clears your doubt or someone else may explain it more elegantly.
I have read the book (:cool and I will say it is very good for me, a visual learner. It reinforces the concepts with repetitions and funny pics. What captivated me in the book were the visual diagrams & use cases, which will be difficult to forget long after the exam.
For the exam, you wont regret buying it, although it wont be of much use after the exam.