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Also read on --
1) 1,2, n-tier architecture.
2) Adv / disadv of these w.r.t. non-functional requirements.
3) Different scenerios where these architectures can be useful.
I have used following books --
1. UML Distilled (Martin Fowler)
2. Design Patterns (GOF)
3. Java 2 network security (Gupta et al) -- (good one, may not require to pass this part)
4. Enterprise Java Beans - Oreilley
5. Mastering EJB - Ed Romans
6. Old book of Jaworski for SCJP + SCJA
Took a glimpse of following notes --
1. PDF notes (scea_prep)
2. Balaji's notes (scea_prep)
3. John's/Hoe's post in Javaranch
Articles in
1. Javaworld
2. Sun
Exam is cool one to test u through scenerios and options !!
I enjoyed 100% of the prep and actual test.
Hi Folks,
I passed part 1 last week. Scoring pattern like this -->
1Concepts 100%
2Common architectures 83%
3Legacy connectivity 100%
4EJB 77%
5EJB Container model 100%
6Protocols 100%
7Applicability of J2EE 100%
8Patterns 100%
9Messaging 100%
10Internationalisation 100%
11Security 100%
It was easier than expected ! But the preparation taught so many things to me. I took around 4 months to get prepared.
Most time consuming was capturing Design patterns. Since I have been a practitioner of J2EE for quite some yrs, most of the things were either obvious or a detailed study.
I like to be thankful to javaranch guys and people in some other forums who kept on asking, discussing, resolving issues/questions. Actually I didn't have to participate actively in discussions although have been a close watcher on all threads. Thanks to u guys for making life easier !! Good job !!
Now moving to part 2....
Choice 2 is correct.
My answer -- a,c,d,f
MVC reduces code duplication
Model takes care of business logic
View is responsible for the UI presentation only
(no business logic)
Controller is responsible for controlling, authentication, authorization, logging stuff.
Thus imagine app(s) where u are using the same sort of business logic, model parts are potential candidate for reuse. Similary u do have similiar type of UI in different app. Potential reuse of UI also. This across apps.
Now in a single app, consider u want to have the UI of ur app changed keeping biz logic the same. Just change UI ie. View implementation (although using templating/tiles u could reuse view layer too in this case). But business logic and Controller stuff are intact. Similarly some biz process change has occured, u do not have to have again a full-fledged development cycle and integration of view/biz/controller. U r just to have reqd changes in biz layer.
Actually decoupling parts of application is the trick of reusing to the extent u like.
Hope it hepls.
My reply -
1)The client knows where the server resides
- naming service to be supported
2)the client can be implemented on any platform
- Any lang to C
3)The client cannot continue processing until the server has returned
- remote invokation of method
4)Application development productivity is more of a concern than end user application performance.
- means a generic and flexible solution not a proprietory soln
5)middleware solution
CORBA fits into all.