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Recent posts by Michael Zhao

read Mark Cade's book chapter 8

you will know what you need

Originally posted by chao cai:
Did you show the transfer objects and business delegate objects in the class diagram ,component diagram and sequence diagram?
Did you use existing framework or you own framework?
What security solution did you adapt?Is it JAAS?
Did you make the difference between web client and swing client?

I used TO and BD in component diagram and sequence diagram, not in class diagram,

I used my own frmaework,

For security solution, just said use Https or ssl over something, not to much detail like special java technology

In component diagram, I make seperate diagrams for web client and swing client.
Mark Cade's guide has a very good sample
I read Mark Cade's guide and did the class diagram in the similiar way in Chapter 8
"thank you for your continued patience ", that is SUN said to me.

I waited for 13 weeks and at last got the result. so I think you need to wait several weeks maybe,

the assignment Url you need to check first for the score is not i7.. , it is http://www.certmanager.net/sun_assignment
all information you need to submit will be included in the assignment jar file.
If you puschase it, you will find that the document is a very detailed instruction for you, like what should you submit and how should you submit.
after so many times contact with SUN and long time waiting, I got the result show on the certmanager,

Grade: P
Score: 84
Comment: This report shows the total points that could have been awarded in each section and the actual amount of points you were awarded. This information is provided in order to give you feedback on your relative strengths on a section basis. The maximum number of points you could have received is 100, minimum to pass is 70. Class Diagram (44 maximum) .......................... 37 Component Diagram (44 maximum) ...................... 35 Sequence/Colloboration Diagrams (12 maximum) ........ 12

I do not know what is wrong with SUN, I uploaded the assignment on Aug 1st, and took the test on Aug 2nd, and then waiting and waiting, the most useful sentence they used is "Thank you in advance for your continued patience in this matter.",
after nearly 3 month's "patience", I got the result, the result makes me happy. But after 3 month's waiting, I almost forgot the detail of my solution.

What I did the part II is read topics from this forum, especially those who passed, see what they did, and the way most people did, and then do it in your way.

remember, keep it SIMPLE.

I used rose 2003, because it can save picture as '.png',

for part III, do not worry, My answer was very short, if you did the asssignment by yourself, you can answer all the questions.
[ October 28, 2005: Message edited by: Weishe Zhao ]
congratulations and happy birthday!

but I suggest you do not show the Registration Number here
when I tried to start the applet of the Moelholm's Mock(http://www.moelholm.com), It says Couldnot initialize the Question(Access denied)

something wrong with the link?

thanks in advance
[ October 07, 2004: Message edited by: Weishe Zhao ]