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Recent posts by Paavam Payyan

Going price now is 3 USD!! Do you think a gf who will break up in a month is worth all THAT MONEY!!
18 years ago
Thanks for the suggestion, Tim!
However, they seem to be keeping extending contracts up to three years and more, with out offering them permanent contracts! Also isn't there a risk of them thinking that I might leave sooner or later, and hence giving me less important work etc?
18 years ago
Excellent points all around!
Well, I attended four interviews in November, my attire was formal shirt with tie, and a not-so-casual jacket to protect me from the moderate winter here.
One of the places where I was at, was a large financial institution, and I found myself just about dressed enough - should have been wearing a suit, but it didn't matter once I sat down for the interview. Another one was for IBM and they were wearing gran'ma t-shirts and stone-washed jeans, and I stood out like a sore-thumb with a formal attire, but they appreciated the effort (verbally!!). End of the day, they were extremely pleased and thoroughly impressed - an unknown degree of credit to the right attire too.
I would recommend following formal dress code to interview, even if you have inside information of the firm that they don�t follow formal dress code. It simply shows that you consider them very respectable, and made an effort to present yourself to their level.
18 years ago
Its that dreadful decision time again, and my head is spinning!
Okay, I can�t stop thinking how similar my situation is to another thread in here couple of weeks ago which was well discussed, but I still can�t come to a decision on the this issue. Its like as follows, and any of your thoughts greatly appreciated!

I am an average rancher; that is 5+ yrs Java/J2EE experience and such usual stuff. I was unemployed earlier this year (let go when then employer closed down their operations in this country) and after couple of months hard work, I landed a short term J2EE contract (mostly through networking - thanks to my good friends!) which I finished in September.
Since September, I had four job interviews, and one of which, a big financial institution (a large bank, actually) offered me a �non-specific-term� contract role, wgere I started working since mid November. Now, one another firm from those four interviews is offering me a permanent position and I can�t decide what to do.
Let me list some points (which would help me think more clearly too).
Company A
1. Largest financial institution, more than 30,000 employees, 2000 or so in this office alone � prestigious client to work for, prestigious project to make my CV more interesting.
2. Excellent work environment � absolutely brilliant and nice colleagues, infrastructure and facilities (bit like pre-dot-com-burst � excellent dinner hall etc.
3. Less work pressure (!!!)
4. Handsome Overtime pay (there might be extra work around release, occasionally etc)
1. It�s a contract position (till the project is over, which is like another 6 months).
2. Pay is about 15% lesser than what I used to get

Company B
1. Permanent position.
2. Pay meets my expectation (just about as much as I used to get before being let-go)
3. Technology-wise � not as bad as Company A
4. Into Financials services, recently signed huge deals with big international financial firms
5. I used to work there (in 2000-2001, as a contractor, left on finishing the contract, they were downsizing), somewhat comfortable with the product.
1. Small (compared to Company A, its like 1:1000) sized firm.
2. New deals and projects � work is mounting up there, and since they are recovering from many rounds or down-sizing, they don�t have enough resources/people � a lot of work, I mean A LOT.
3. And No Overtime pay
4. Small firm, small setup, small benefits, low extra perks, small/no luxuries.

So there you go, what should I do!? Will it be unprofessional to leave this place this quickly after joining? Is it better to join a smaller firm, careerwise and stability-wise? And a lot many ???s, to be honest!
Any suggestions will be highly regarded and will be added to my own thought-process!
PS: Sorry about using my fake identity here, but I cant post under my real name - I have already got all my colleagues hooked to ranch.
[ December 10, 2003: Message edited by: Paavam Payyan ]
18 years ago

Originally posted by Mark Fletcher:
Haggis do exist, trust me, Im a Scotsman
By the way, just in case you dont know, the Haggis is the only animal that has six legs

My PM once tried to convince me that haggis is a bird that lives on top of the mountains, and he went on to add, some of them runs in clockwise direction around the mountain peak, where as some of them in anti-clockwise. And, according to the direction they run, one of their legs are always longer than the other one it seems - well, he almost had me convinced as I could read about this very scottish haggis dish every where in the net!
18 years ago
.. well, I guess this is new as I have never seen this one before. Have a look.

First of all I will introduce myself as well. My name is Oleg Kirichenko - man. I`m a web designer. I am 30 yrs old. I live in Kiev, Ukraine. Currently, I work for the different US Internet companies (I`m a temporary employee). So, I need your help to get my wages.
They're to pay me but they don't send money directly to Ukraine, because this company pays by direct deposits available in USA and Canada only. You can ask me: Why don't they pay me by checks? Yes, they can, but here, in Ukraine, it is very difficult to collect on the checks (enormous commission fees and it takes 2-3 months). I realize that you can't provide me your current bank account. So, If you are ready to help me, would you be so kind to open a new zero-balanced checking account. After, I need to get the following details:

1.Bank name
2.Bank address
3.Account owner
4.Account number
5.Bank routing number (usually in Fedwire system)

So, when I inform my employer he'll initiate the transfer.
When the bank transfer is completed I will need your assistance once again to transfer the money via Western Union or MoneyGram(it is not the best (profitable) way but it's the fastest one).

Reasonable question: Can I trust you? And how can you trust me? I suggest the following to avoid misunderstanding: I send you a scan of my ID (passport) and you do the same thing.

Finally, we have to solve the problem regarding your interest in this deal. I suppose you should get an interest for your cooperation.
I will have 2000 a week (approx.). Any suggestions?
Let me know ASAP, if it is acceptable to you.

Oleg Kirichenko.
Yes, as with all other 419 scams, I dont have a clue who this guy is and how he got my email ID.
18 years ago
Well, Rufus again, and why am I not surprised!
Indians or any other foriegn nationals (unlike snake-head human smuggling group of HK/China) enter the USA by applying to the government, legally, and US governments rule clearly states that these skilled workers are allowed in only because they are required in there (are they really is another question).
In one of the above links, an American citizen wouldn't get an H1B equivalent visa to work in India, simple because in India there is no labour shortage, at least at this stage.
Just like how US government wouldnt let Indians or Chinese into the USA to flip burgers in KFC, India, for now, doesn't require skilled migrant labour to do the IT job - its as simple as that, in my humble opinion.
18 years ago

Originally posted by Jason Menard:
a long message that can easily be viewed as offensive to Americans October 16, 2003: Message edited by: Jason Menard ]

mHaaaHAAAA! (That Bart Simpson laugh!)
Anyone with a half-decent sense of humour and media awareness will laugh at the actual post as a joke, and then would realise how it accurately reflects the thoughts of Indian techies, which in turn drives the whole H1B thing!
Its so obvious even my neighbours six years old daughter understands it! Mind you she is good at Halo too!!
18 years ago

Originally posted by Thomas Paul:
A scenario just as likely as the one above:
India 2050 - The exchange of nuclear weapons with Pakistan had left both countries devastated. Those that survived had open sores that would not heal. Most of the population was sterile from the remaining radiation and those that did give birth had children with such horrible birth defects that they were rarely born alive.

And oh, I feel for all those poor American H1B workers who will get vaporised when Pakistan nukes India in 2050!!
18 years ago

Originally posted by Thomas Paul:
A scenario just as likely as the one above:
India 2050 - The exchange of nuclear weapons with Pakistan had left both countries devastated. Those that survived had open sores that would not heal. Most of the population was sterile from the remaining radiation and those that did give birth had children with such horrible birth defects that they were rarely born alive.

Well, there is someone dreaming about getting better than the best, the USA, and here is someone fancying opposition to rotten in hell (even if its no good to themselves)!!
This much respected, well informed, and helpful sheriff turned out to such a dimwit all in a sudden! How unfortunate!!
[ October 16, 2003: Message edited by: Paavam Payyan ]
18 years ago
Like in animation strips, imagine the clip that you are recording as a series of still pictures. Each still image is a frame. You can make a 60 secs long cartoon clip by drawing 60 still images and showing them one after another, 1 frame per second. Now there will be a obvious flicker in the screen (as human eye can detect changes slower than 1/16th of a second), so you can eliminate the flicker if you show 16 still images per second - that is 16 fps (frames per second). Twenty five frames per second is good enough to give you a motion picture quality (you get to play around with these and check the quality of the output when you rip DVDs).
Resolution is the density of pixels (usually mentioned in square inch like 100 dpi, 200 dpi (as in color printer configuration for instance), or 640x 480, 800x600 as rows of pixels vertically and horizontally in a screen). Higher the resolution, better the frame. In digital movie camers, a VGA resolution (600x400) is decent enough, but nowadays cameras offer a lot more, giving the user a choice to play around with the video (like making stills, enlarging them etc)
18 years ago
I am still in Ireland.
Thanks for the concern and regards guys, but I am just back from interview for a Contract position, and I am bit hopeful. Rates have gone down, and now I am being offered 60% of what I used to charge in 2000, but then hey, a job is a job!
Thanks again guys! Heard Sun is recruiting in B'lore. Any one fancy working for THE ONE!
18 years ago
Just surviving, Balaji. Yeah, I used to post under my real name (this obviously is the dodgy ID), but I used to login with real name from work, and this ID from my laptop.
Now, I am out of work (company close down - kicked out everyone one evening!), I am browsing from home, dial-up connection, connection error, disconnections, jobsites, consultant emails... aaah, life!!
18 years ago
When you bid on eBay, always check how professional the seller is - one easy way to check this is his feedback. Sellers with good feedback means they are more professinal to doing business in eBay and are more likely to respect their claims, and the deal.
Still, eBay always is a dangerous place - sort of 'shark infested waters'.
18 years ago

Originally posted by Sara Jahan:

.. he would himself take the bid high enough for him to make a profit, using his innumerable IDs.

But, in that case, he would owe ebay some commision on the transaction! I thought they normally set-up a reserve price for an item, and according to eBay, if a reserve price is set, seller wont have to actually respond to the bid, if its below the reserve price. (that is, no deal, no commision).
IMO, setting a very low starting price is just another smart eBay technique to get buyers attention. Once a potential buyer sees the an item listed at a very cheap price, he/she would normally go in and read the description (which would be very detailed and attractive, ofcourse!), and start bidding on it. Once buyer places a bid, eBays 'out-bid-notice' itself will keep the buyer chasing the item, and ultimately, bringing it a profit rage for the seller.
18 years ago