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Recent posts by Pcxhev Qydzb

Hi, as subject, Could I build 1:N relationship between CMP and BMP?
Thanks a lot!
Oh, I see. It's great! Thank you very much! I can go back to busy work and forget this.
19 years ago
How secure the Servlet is?
If I put some data into the session, then could the user change/hack it at client side? I mean not someone else to hack the data but the user himself. If the user intend to do that, he can disturb/modify other's data. For example, I store the record id which is belong to the logined user in the session, If he has the ability to change it to another's id and do some modification, the innocent data will be corrupted.
Any replies are welcome!
19 years ago
Hello everyone,
There is a more interested scenario I must face to:
I have almost 40 tables which I created by phisical reason, right now I just simplified this as 3 tables, A, B and C. Each tables has some columns independent, but others depend on columns in other tables or a result of several columns in other tables. For example, A.column1 is independent, but A.column2 is the value of B.column10, and B.column10 is the sum of C.column25 and C.column26. User maybe sometime want to view one of the tables, and I must make sure the values are updated and accurate.
This scenario descides I must either include the business logical(for example calculate sum of C.column25 and C.column26 or query out entity bean C) into entity bean or its session facade(or business delegate). I have worked out several solutions, but I don't feel be confident, they are:
Put logic into entity bean to query out other entity beans, and then calculate the value of the columns in current entity. In the business logic, I must make sure every request of user viewing entity A, then the logic calculates through the A-B-C chain all the way down.
I think it isn't good, because entity engages other entity's access.
Make entity as dummy, add session bean for each entity consisting of business logic. Session A will access session B to get values in B. The business logic design is same as above.
How about this one?
Make entity as dummy, use CMP relation fueature of EJB2.0. Only one session bean is here, it consists of all of the business logics. The session bean is responsiable for all queries and calculation on all entities(imagine, in my project there are 40 entities should be deal with by this session bean, the performance shouldn't be good). The advantage of this solution is centeralized business logic, container could help to complete some queries using relation fueature.
Which one is better? Or a best one I haven't thought out? Any comments and suggestions are very very welcome!
I found a web site has Jboss CMP2.0 docs
It's pretty cool, from JBoss official document site. Anyone else know other official document?
Each entity bean can be discoveried or named by a primary key. My question is How to get primary key? I am planning to use a IDGenerator entity bean to generator a unique ID for each recode in the databases. What's the enterprise solution or pattern for this?
Anyone can help to answer me ?