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Question: If a portlet attempts to transition to a custom portlet state that is not supported by the portal server?

Correction: there is no such thing as portlet state. The 'window state' verbiage should be used in this question.

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Question: Choose the 3 most correct answers. Which of the following checked exceptions could be thrown by a call to the PortletPreferences' store method?
- ReadOnlyException
- PortletException
- ValidatorException
- IOException

Mock answer: ReadOnlyException, ValidatorException, IOException

Correct Answer: ValidatorException, IOException

Source: JSR168 API
I am preparing for IBM 829 exam. Cameron's mock tests are the only online simulators I was able to find so far. They are good despite the fact that they do not explain answers.
Also I spotted some incorrect answers. Let us polish these tests up! Please feel free to comment.

And, hurry up! I am taking the test on Friday.
Thank you Joyce. I just updated my address.

Can you give the link, please? I could not find the address change option on the prometric web site.


I passed part I yesterday. Thank you so much for this forum, it helped me a lot.

I noticed that the Examination Score Report contains my old address. I send an email to asking them to update my address, but got an auto-response (out of office) back. Now I am not sure if these guys will ever update my address! Does anybody know how the incorrect address in the Examination Score Report can affect on delivery Part II and III?

Thank you,
Hi. I have problem with HTTPS connection setting on WAS 4. I created simple web application 'Test' in WAS 4:
web.xml contains the following:
port 443 is granted for externat SSL transport. I can connect to 'Hello.html' thru HTTPS, but I also can connect to this file thru HTTP!
I thought that <security-constraint> settings is enough to allow only HTTPS connection to this resource.
What else heeds to be changed in WAS settings to forbit HTTP connettion to 'Hello.html' or automatically send response thru HTTPS?
At this time I have very restricted Internet access, please send your ideas to .
Thank you in advance for your help,
17 years ago
All right. Thanks anyway.
17 years ago
Thank you, cb poo. I read this and found out that most reliable way is to reinstall WSAD.
How about my another question?
Can you give me an idea where I can read about launching application clients in WSAD 4 runtime?
Thank you,
17 years ago
I did not select CVS Version control interface when I installed WSAD 4. And now I can not see Team perspective in perspectives list. How can I extend installed WSAD 4 in order to be able to work with CVS repository?
17 years ago
I created enterprise application: EJB and client modules. EJB module works fine - I can test it from Test Client.
I created client according to Help recomendations: "Creating an Application Client project". How to launch the client?
17 years ago
I want to deploy to WLS 7 exploded ear application that contains a client. I tried to find a description for this trivial task in WLS documentation, but it looks like bea guys are not very informative about j2ee clients. Can anyone help me to perform the following?
How to deploy exploded ear with j2ee client?
How to run j2ee client from the question above?
Thank you,
18 years ago

Originally posted by Pawel Bobrow:
Congrats !
By the way, are you from SPb ?

Thanx, man.
Net, I am from Vrn.
Thank you, gentlemen.
Sachin, to prepare for WAS/WSAD questions, I would suggest you to install these applications and try to develop and deploy something like 'Hello World' with EJB. You may take a look at Kyle Brown 'Websphere 4.0 AEs Workbook'. This is WAS extension to the EJB bible ('Enterprise JavaBeans' Richard Monson) examples. I would not say that Kyle's book was very helpful, but at least it describes how to install WAS adopted examples from 'bible'.
By the way, there were not very much WAS/WASD specific questions in my exam. In fact, I can hardly remember any of them, sorry.
Pay an attention at WAS classpath, where to place a jar file, shared between different deployed applications.
Pay an attention at best practices, it is in IBM Infocenter.
1. - 87%
2. - 80%
3. - 75%
4. - 100%
5. - 50%
6. - 50%
7. - 100%
8. - 75%
Good look,
[ April 09, 2003: Message edited by: Andrei Montchik ]
Well, it was hard.
Thank you guys for the information regarding test preparation and for Lond Post. It was very helpful.
Andrei Montchik.
[ April 04, 2003: Message edited by: Andrei Montchik ]