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Recent posts by Dermot Curley

I can get this working if I send the pipeAdvertisement in a moduleSpecAdvertisement.

Still dont understand why I cant just publish a pipeadvertisement directly.
18 years ago
I'm a newbiwe to Jxta and am having some problems discovering pipe advertisements. Any suggetsions would be much appreciated.

Using Jbuilder, can compile and run Jxta hello world.
I can sucessfully create a new group and publish it's advertisement, then using a new Jbuilder instance to create a new peer I can detect the group advertisment and join the group, so far so good.

So (using the same config manager settings)I create a new pipe advertisemet and publish it. Using getlocalAdvertisements I can see the new advertisment in the cache but I can never detect it on the other peer. I do a publish() and a remotePublish on the pipeadvertisment. I have tried this on the netPeerGroup and on a newly created group, no joy.

Have just called them client and server for convenience !

The Client:

The Server:

[ June 08, 2006: Message edited by: Dermot Curley ]
18 years ago
Thanks Maulin, it works perfect
20 years ago
Can someone explain to me if the following code should work.
Its just a simple test with threads and Applets.
Thread 1 prints date and time to Applet.
Thread 2 prints date and time to console (am using Jbuilder)
When I run this in Jbuilder there is no output displayed on the applet, but there date is updated on the console.
If I put System.out.println()s on either side of repaint() they get printed in a loop, which says to me that repaint is being called but for some reason never gets as far as calling paint.
Am i missing something fundamental or should this work?
20 years ago
Not even God can score 2000 !!!
Eric you been messing with the scores ???
21 years ago
Dont know about your Win 2000 network setup but if it has the following componants: DHCP server, DNS server and Active Directory, you could use Remote OS Installation (RIS)
If you are not farmilliar with the above, RIS is not for you but when it works it is a really good tool
Loads of info here:
the dark side !
21 years ago

To be honest, I have no idea how they manage to sell it this cheap here in Ireland, where everything else is a rip-off!

True, especially beer - �4.95 a pint here in Dublin, ouch
Hold on a minute, I could make loads of rice wine at those prices
Watch out Guinness
21 years ago
Is it set to your homepage ? ?
Is that the problem?
If using IE go tools > internet options > Home page and change it here.
21 years ago

Have you been given your shovel and directed towards the stables yet?

Hey Amy !
If you want to make it to the top you have to start somewhere, heres a shovel , the stable is thataway greenhorn.
21 years ago
I've just noticed I'm a ranch hand + 2, the uncontrollable joy and celebration starts here.
21 years ago
How about the following method:
void showDocument(URL url, String target)
It is part of the AppletContext class, this might be what you are looking for.
21 years ago
This should do the trick
[ March 17, 2003: Message edited by: Dermot Curley ]
21 years ago
Another option is to encrypt the class file and then decrypt it "on the fly" by modifying classLoader. This tutorial got me up to speed on classloader pretty quick. (You will have to register for the pleasure).
It is worth saying that this will not work the same for an applet, security restrictions will prevent you from messing with classLoader, but it should work fine for an application.
[ February 24, 2003: Message edited by: Dermot Curley ]
[ February 24, 2003: Message edited by: Dermot Curley ]
21 years ago
Thanks for the code Michael, looks like a good starting point. I think I'll have to do some serious digging on ClassLoader and how it works in relation to Applets, any ideas or inspiration (be it divine or otherwise) will of course be shared with fellow ranchers. I can�t help but think that people would be really interested in a solution to this problem.
21 years ago
I'm sure this has been done before but I cant find it in the applet archives, basically I want users to be able to download my applet and use it but not be able to view the code, at least not in a way that will make any sense to them. I am aware of obfuscation and it is an option. If I could, I would prefer some means of encryption that would encrypt the class file and decrypt it at the very last moment preventing anyone from snooping through the class file. Anyone know of:
a. how to do this or
b. A tool / API that does this
21 years ago