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Sudharsan Govindarajan

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Recent posts by Sudharsan Govindarajan

Figured it out. I had to set


in the Realm definition
11 years ago
I face the same problem now. JDBCRealm works, but DataSourceRealm not.
@Bojan, did you happen to fix it?

11 years ago
It is a breeze with NetBeans. right-click on a Project, select 'New' and then select option 'Web Service Client'. There you will options to build a client from a WSDL (file or URL)
11 years ago

TLS/SSL provides you with transport security and you can still use XML encryption/digital signature for XML bodies.

So, it comes to that then, laying my own dirty hands.

So in the end SOAP isn't the universal "over-the-web" service access protocol.

11 years ago
Wow, lots of projects floating around.
Thanks, Peer!
It clears up a bit, but my choice has become even more confusing. It is disturbing to know that I can't write a standard WSS based service and assume that it can be consumed by any standard WS client
11 years ago
Thanks, Ulf.
So, the standard JAX-WS with JSE 6 won't cut it then. Can I assume standard WS-Security is implemented in WS frameworks for .NET/PHP?
11 years ago
I have a Axis2 web service secured using Rampart. I do want to consume it, preferably using JAX-WS based clients. Most of the tutorials I was able to find arefor consuming it using Axis2 libraries in the client side. The client should be fairly independent of the WS service framework, as the service can be consumed by Java based, .NET based or even PHP based clients.

11 years ago
NetBeans 6.x provides a very simple way to create the WS clients. Add the plugin for Axis2 support, that is all you need. Point the WSDL location to 'Generate Web Services Client from WSDL' wizard and you are all set. You can generate both the JAX-RPC style and JAX-WS style clients
11 years ago

But it's better to consider using MBeanServerInvocationHandler.newProxyInstance method to get MBean Proxy and work with that.

Thanks for the this tip Purushothoman, it helped me out of a frustrating issue!
I have exposed a SLSB as a web-service.
There is no transaction on this SLSB which i have implemented.

But this SLSB makes calls to Spring Beans on which transaction has been implemented.

I am getting the below error and i am not able to find a reason for this.

I am using Jboss-4.0.3-SP1 and JDK142.

I am using Required transaction attribute when i am creating a transaction with Spring. This behaves the same way as the Required transaction attribute in CMT.

And the transaction attribute in the EJB is also "Required". So in theory there must not be a new transaction which should be created by Spring and the same transaction which has been created by the EJB must be used.

My application runs fine for a long time and then suddenly this error pops up and then all the following request fail with the same error. If Jboss is restarted then it is working fine again.

Any ideas?

12 years ago
Bear, I did'nt notice that it was 5 years old. Sorry!
13 years ago

Did u solve this?
13 years ago

How did you solve this issue? I have this problem now. What is even more weirder is that I have this problem only with IE and not with Firefox/Opera
13 years ago
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