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Recent posts by Paul Robertson

Good job, mate.

I agree with your assessment. The study path for this certification is by far the hardest, due to the number of different sources and self-organisation required.
Hi all

I've created an objective-wise summary for the exam:

I'm not claiming it's perfect, but hope you get some use out of it. There is also a page with resources,

There is Comments section at the bottom of each page where you can make comments, corrections, add info, etc.

I've passed the exam, so I won't be updating the site much. I will improve the presentation a little. If anyone wants to help edit it, you are most welcome. You'll need to sign up for a free wikidot account, and then I can arrange membership to the wiki.

Let me know if you have any suggestions. Good luck!

I created this site, Java Certification, while I was studying for OCAJP. It contains code snippets and links to resources relevant to the exam. I will be updating the site for OCPJP, which is my next step.

The github page, if you just want to get the code is: ocajp