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Recent posts by Laurent Saudmont

I want to print a JTable, so that i use the code from java sun tutorial and it workds correctly....but i would want to create the JTable and not display it. In this case, when i print this, no data is printed.
If someone knows a solution...
Thanks a lot
15 years ago
I've got a problem. In fact, i have a JFrame with on the left a JTree and on the right some JEditorPane and 3 JButton (New, Save, Cancel).
When I clic on a JTree's Node, my JEditorPane are updated with desirated info.

I would like when i clic on JButton New, it is impossible to click on another Node in the Jtree: to block the Jtree or block event on Jtree.
I've tried but my CellRenderer applied to the JTree disappears ...
I've also tried but it doesn't work.
If someone have a idea
ThanX !
16 years ago
I have 2 splitPane: splitpane1 and splitpane2, splitpane2 is in splitpane1.
When i move splitpane1's divider, I would like that the splitpane2's divider does not move!
Is it possible?
Thx for your responses
17 years ago
Indeed, i don't see how i can extend this to a combobox...
17 years ago
I would like to create a JComboBox with JCheckBox as item in the combobox.
Is it possible? How can i do that?
Great thanks for your response
17 years ago