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Recent posts by Nagendra Prasad

Hello All,

We have an application within which there is a fair amount of data in european languages which needs to be displayed on the web pages.

The data is being stored properly in the database with the right encoding. But when the same is retrieved and displayed on the web page, they get displayed as '?' marks.

We are using JBoss 3.2.3 and the javaEncoding attribute in the conf files have been left at their default value of UTF-8.

Could anyone please shed some light on this?

Many thanks.
19 years ago
really did not get ur question..
if u need to test the datasource from the admin console... u go to the datasource.. and where the properties are displayed, there is a button to test the datasource. Is this the test u are referring to? or are u referring to some other test on teh datasource?
20 years ago
this is typically experienced when you try multiple submits before the servlets have had a chance to complete execution.
What actions are u performing when u get this error?
20 years ago
try running the usejdbc2.bat which is located in the \SQLLIB\java12
directory. It could be that the installation of the fix paks has set the jdbc drivers to the version 1 level.
20 years ago
what version of oracle are u using?
20 years ago
just run the export command on the source database.
run export in the interactive mode.
perform full user export if it is schema u are interested in.
When importing,
run import from the command line.. point to the dmp file obtained from the export. If the user to which u are importing to is different, use
the fromuser and touser tags.
for more details, check the OTN site.
For help type exp help=y or imp help=y
hope this helps
20 years ago
chitra.. if u were looking for a way to make sure u are using jdbc2 for db2, the run the script usejdbc2.bat that is provided in the db2 installation directory.
20 years ago
It could take a while longer than that in the machine you have. the machine as far as i can tell is a low for a 9i server.
Even otherwise, the initial database can take upto 1-2 hrs for completion depending on the options that have been chosen.
Also, the universal installer sometimes waits for user input during the installation process. Make sure it is not that.
And, if the scripts are running u should be able to check them through the log files. Most often, its the catalog creation which takes time.
20 years ago
realised i have some sample data with which I could try this from where I am now...
THis is what the Content type comes out as:
And, so there is a reason why it is failing...
but.. I think i need to delve into a bit more detail to have a meaningful clarification of this problem:
The data that I am trying to retrieve is a HTML document that is stored in the database. The HTML was stored using the following setter method:

The database (Which is db2) has a codeset which is UTF-8. I know that this
gets reflected as CP1252. So.. the question is ... is there a confusion/ conflict in the way data is stored and retrieved..
is this still an issue which the application server should be capable of handling?
20 years ago
Many thanks for your response.. I am going to try this at work tomorrow.
For completion of information, the application server is websphere.
But the approach you have outlined could be useful. Let me try and
get back to you.
20 years ago
If this was on WebSPhere, I would have said in the root directory of the enterprise application. ie. if enterprise appl is myApp, then in this folder.
I am a rather curious problem thats bothering me...
The following code snippet

works ok for a few pages and bombs out for others. As far as i am aware, all the content that is being attempted to be served is UTF-8.. so i am bit bemused.
I tried to remove the UTF-8 setting.. and still i got a malformed IO exception. Beats me... I am using WebSphere 4.0.6 if thats of any help.
20 years ago
just wondering..
should the format mask be HH24:MI???
What does Memory-to-memory do? And where can be we set this option?
Is this solely a WAS 5.0 feature?
20 years ago
It is to do with the '@' sign... you need to escape it properly.