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Recent posts by Ravi Nistala

where did you get the VW003 and VW005 courses. Is it possible to share the documentation.If yes let me know .
I think i have passed. I saw the I7 database and came to know that i have passed. I did not receive any e-mail and also my prometric still says "Tested". Please suggest How to know about the scores?

Congrats to the people who passed and good luck to those who were not able to make it this time.
I would like to thank Javaranch and the people associated with it and with SCEA5 eaxm as this helped a lot in preparing for the exam.Last but not the least i would like to thank SUN for giving me the opportunity to participate in this exam.
I think as chris mentioned you can mail to with your prometric testing id and date of test taken. hope this helps.
The new version is based on java EE 5 the old one is based on J2ee 1.2
I am really sorry for others and wish them good luck next time.
Passing score is 57%, your score is 59%. For those who passed see you in part II.
[ November 21, 2007: Message edited by: Ravi Nistala ]
I too passed. I am thankfull to the ranchers involved with this exam for helping and providing valuable information.

As far as i am concerned i had only 3 days to prepare. So i can say that the suggestions provided by ranchers were really helpful. I also had past experience of previous versions of EJB.

Last but not the least i thank Sun for giving me a chance to take the test.

ENJOY and celebrate the exam (those who passed) jumpingjoy: jumpingjoy:

BUT evertbody can celebrate the Valentine. Nice timing by Sun???

I think you wanted to day it creates 4 objects if the "Lower case" is reused.
Thanks Barry for the info. I didn't know we have such a thing for the K&B book.
Sanjeev :
I also thought that i can return an "ArrayList " of either numbers,or integers and also as Wong mentioned above. But in the K&B book (the last question in collections) , it is said that you cannot return "ArrayList". It has to be "List".That is what i cannot understand.Am i missing something?
Thanks Aniket for the explanation.
Can anybody explain why i am getting the following?I am getting the answer as "A.m1" as opposed "b.m1",but when i remove the vaar args then i get "b.m1".In the K&B book there is a lot for overload and vararg but not much for overiding.or am i missing something.

[ December 24, 2006: Message edited by: Ravi Nistala ]

Q is why cannot i return an ArrayList as a return value when i can pass it as an argument to the method.if i understood correctly Polymorphism applies to "Base" not to the "Type".
Thank you Bert for your response.By all means , i am not a writer, so i may be wrong.Please feel free to comments to my approach.
Having said that .
There are several ways to do it
1) You can add/modify exisiting text to say what has been described above.
2) i have prepared a small example for this sub-topic. I think this example is of a small foor print than described all free to modify according your need.
3) You can add this as a excercise at the end of your chapter.
4) you can combine (options "1" and "3") or (option 1 and 2) .

I think somehow it has to reach the audience.
Below is the code example which i mentioned. I tested it on my m/c and it works.

IBM has announced the shifting of the following till june 2007. They shifted from Dec 31st.Following exams are included.

IBM Certified System Administrator - WebSphere Application Server V5.0

IBM Certified Advanced System Administrator - WebSphere Application Server V5.0

IBM Certified Instructor - IBM WebSphere Application Server V5.0, System Administration

IBM Certified Associate Developer - WebSphere Studio, V5.0

IBM Certified Solution Developer - WebSphere Studio, V5.0

IBM Certified Enterprise Developer - WebSphere Studio, V5. 0

IBM Certified Instructor - IBM WebSphere Studio V5.0, Application Development

and following is the URL