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Recent posts by subrahmanyam naidu

hello sir/madam,
i am getting the mail pefectly. and it display all the fields of DATE,FROM,TO,SUBJECT and CONTENT OF MAIL. but what my problem is that for few mails i am getting NULL in FROM place. y it happens like that? the mails coming from and is got this problem. but not all mails coming from only few mails coming from only this problem.

i am using IMail server.
plz help me to solve this bug.
thank u
18 years ago
hi guy 'n' gals,
we are developing the email engine. i am able to receive all kind of mails with from,subject,date and size.
what my problem is that in my INBOX i am unable to get the FROM address for few mails.(example mails coming from, i am getting mail but there is no FROM addressdetails. but not all CNN mails. only few mails coming from CNN only. why it is happen like that?
i am using iMailserver. since i am getting the information of from,received,message-id,to,subject,date...all from main.MBX file to display in my INBOX.
but for few mails there is no FROM address in main.MBX file. so what i have to do?
is it the problem with the server?
plz help me to solve this problem
thanking you
18 years ago
u can't edid ejb-jar.xml file in weblogic7.0. once it is deployed u can't edit xml file in weblogic builder tool. weblogic 5.1 is entirely differs with weblogic 7.0. in wl7.0 u got the own deployment tool. so u can't edit.
no need set init parameters in weblogic7.0. by default it sets when u deploy the bean. it won't takes even if u change the ejb-jar.xml file and it shows the error in DTD.
hello friends,
i am new for the EJB-entity beans. i am using weblogic 7.0. could you please explain me how to run the entity beans. is there any necessary changes we need to do in weblogic server for running entity beans?
thanks 4 ur cooperation
hi friends..
i got this error while i deploy the stateless bean using weblogic server 7.0. i got this error
------------------------------------------------- No modules to prepare on myserverfor application named testing
Start server side stack trace: No modules to prepare on myserverfor application named testing
at weblogic.j2ee.J2EEApplicationContainer.prepare(
at weblogic.drs.internal.SlaveCallbackHandler$1.execute(
at weblogic.kernel.ExecuteThread.execute(
End server side stack trace

<<no stack trace available>>

i got this error always even if it is simple addition program or database related program.
if i use the previously deployed working beans, just i change the package name of those beans then also i got the same problem.
so plz advice me to solve this problem.