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One thing that seems to really eat up my time when I test out a new open-source tool, utility or server component that is missing from every book...

Common pitfalls and errors. I hate to say it but nothing ever seems to work "just like the example" which is why I seem have a closet full of books on the same topics where one does a great job here, the other there.

For instance, Struts is a great tool, and like a good pair of brown shoes, goes with about everything in the closet... it works well with what I've done in the past. However, in the learning curve I got beat up, or had to repeatedly charge the block wall to hammer out a couple problems.

However, common errors - it's also part of the magic number - your 600 page threshold - where it'd take another chapter or two to run through various error scenarios from configuration to runtime...

Good day.

I am going nutz trying to figure out why I can make my simple tiles work, but when I try and use putList from tile-defs.xml in my menu tile, everything goes south...

I've tried Tomcat 4.1 and 5.0.28. I tried starting and restarting the container.


struts-config.xml snip...

And calling it in it's simplest form, it appears to break...

and my "common layout" page...

The error is innocuous:
SEVERE: ServletException in '/menubar.jsp': Cannot find bean items in any scope

The odd thing is that this example in one for or another lives in an article by Cedric Dumoulin, a couple books: Professional Struts and Programming Jakarta Struts among many other examples.

It seems odd that something so trivial is this difficult to make work.

Anyone have any ideas why it might be breaking?

17 years ago
Stinking emoticons. ARG!
17 years ago
Here's what I am trying to do...
I have my view elements working (pulling data and displaying).

I have created an "add record" and it works well.

I want to create a link to edit the data.

I have the service object that does so, but if I do this...

in view.jsp...

This prints my collection of hrefs and the related data, however when I choose an href and it goes to the action it loads the form without hitting my querystring attribute...

What do I need to different? Do I need an EditAction class? either way, I need to get at the querystring and I am not seeing it here...

Any ideas are appreciated.
17 years ago
Funny how this works...

Must move workspace up one directory level to import existing project and file structure.
I might be missing something here, but I am having a problem importing my Eclipse r2 project and structure into Eclipse r3.

I'd like to be able to run one or the other or both on the same file structure.

I am getting "container overlap" as an invalid project description:
Invalid project description: "c:/work/contiainer" and "c:/work/container" overlap.

Any ideas...

- D

folder structure:

Super Information. I'm also using 4.1.2x.


I didn't realize what was really going on under the hood.

As to the use of the inner class - It was simply an attribute class. I needed to use it to cast my returned values out of my linked list (or map, or what ever else). I was hoping to use setProperty on the inner attributes as well for form collection / validation. However if the getProperty doesn't work, I doubt the setProperty does either. I'll test it.

Otherwise, it's cut-n-paste to a new top level class for the attributes, and import at the class level.

Thanks again.

17 years ago
I hate to beat this tired horse some more, but I'm having probs with a nested class and the jsp:useBean syntax...

I have a class...

I can get everything I need for OuterFoo in my jsp:
<jsp:useBean id="myOuter" class="com.package.peril.OuterFoo" scope="page" />

but when I try to get to InnerFoo using same syntax ...
<jsp:useBean id="myInner" class="com.package.peril.OuterFoo.InnerFoo" scope="page" />
I get javax.servlet.ServletException: com.package.peril.OuterFoo.InnerFoo

however, I can use instead...
<%@ page import="com.package.peril.OuterFoo.InnerFoo" %> with problems.

Any ideas?


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[ May 27, 2004: Message edited by: Dane Frazier ]
17 years ago
Should inner classes also implement serializable interface if the container class implements it, or do inner classes automatically inherit the implemented interface?
It seems that the compiler does not complain either way, so must be matter of convention??
I suppose this transcends the other "implements" and "Extends" methods as well?
It seems self-evident however that an inner class could extend another class, no problem.
Took a few days hiatus from work life.
Thanks for the information.
I'll chew on it a bit.
19 years ago
I just recently downloaded the 4.0.4 version. This was the latest "production level" release.
It works with both JDK1.3.x and JDK1.4.x. You might also want to install the latest release of the JDK1.4.x.
I had it configured for my own context and running in about 15 minutes.
In about another 15 I had it integrated with JBuilder6 Pro.
19 years ago
Hello there.
I want to pose the following question, as it seems somewhat difficult to answer myself, as I am predisposed to certain solutions:
I have several Beans / EJBs / Servlets / JSP that reach out to an Oracle database (although the db is insignificant) and return datasets based on particular query parameters.
I have "holder" or "element" classes that maintain the individual recordset information (attributes w/ get-set methods). This is for future maintenance and re-useability in many items across our particular application paradigm. Our base class describes a "person" in a sense - ID, Name, Address, City, State, Zip, etc. and then is extended to hold "banking transaction" data of sorts -
(Issue at hand
These custom classes were then put in a Vector object. The display page (JSP / Servlet) then outted the vectors to html.
I had problems (as expected) when the vectors grew to > ~2000 elements in size, so I'm re-factoring the code.
Since the result sets are generally going to be fairly large, and "list like" I figured why not just put the classes into a "Linked List" but am looking for more information before I implement a new container to hold the class data.
As I am sure, there are many opinions on what data structure to use for returning large quantities of read-only data, and I am interested in the arguements for all of them...
I have seen some arguement for Hash maps, and collections, etc. but I'd like to hear more direct opinions.
My solution will end up as a JSP containing custom tags (for output), and the new TBD "class container" and some other enhancements to efficiency.
Thanks for your input, I am looking forward to the answers, and possibly a new can of worms...
19 years ago
I had problems getting tags to work in JB6 so with the help of
some good advise from several folks here at the ranch, I got it
saddled up.
Mind the fact that JBuilder worked "out-of-the-box" for standard
JSP/EJB and Servlets no problem (using TC3.2.x and JDK1.3.x) it choked
on tags and all that they had to offer.
Errors that I received were generally "cannot load class null or class

Configuring Jbuilder 6
Here's the steps that I went through to configure JBuilder 6 for use with
Tomcat 4.0.4 and JDK1.4.x
Install the JDK1.4
Install the lastest release of Tomcat4.0.x (4.0.4 at this writing). Make sure to
install it into a path that contains no spaces (i.e. "C:/apache/jakarta-tomcat-4.0.4" also known as CATALINA_HOME), as JBuilder
docs say that "JB" won't work installed in a path with names...
Configure TC for a "context" that you can work out of:
on my drive that's c:\work\test so the context tag to add to server.xml
is as follows:

Step 4:
Additionally, I added servlet.jar found in <CATALINA_HOME>/common/lib/ to my
Step 5:
RE-BOOT - while this is not necessary, it gave me a chance to head to the privy.
Step 6:
Fire up JBuilder and click on the "project/default project properties" menu.
Navigate to the "Web Server" tab and choose Tomcat 4.0 from the drop down, click "Setup"
Click the "elipses" and choose your TC installation directory root (i.e. "C:/apache/jakarta-tomcat-4.0.4"),
make sure that "%CATALINA_HOME%/bin/bootstrap.jar" is listed in the "classes" pain (that's pane - if not choose it).
Step 8:
Under tools / IDE Options menu, choose "Web". Make sure that "Copy web run/debug..." is checked and that
"Use web view on running..." is selected.
Step 9:
Create a new project that has a class, jsp, tld in it. Test it from the web run - mine worked.
19 years ago
Hello All,
Many thanks.
Here's what I did to resolve:
Upgraded to JDK1.4.x and Tomcat4.0.4
Configured TC to run root/docroot where I wanted. Tested TC configuration with pages / classes known to work in my prod environment.
Re-compiled class with package;
re-configured TLD to point to new class
Changed tag-name of class in TLD to "mixed" case letters.
I see how the interactions occur now, and am off and running -
Thanks for the help.
19 years ago