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Advantages of servlets over JSP
Do some home work
My personal opinion servlets are the best in long run but both have got their own adv and disadv.
16 years ago
If at all it is printing on the browser then obviously the report will appear on the browser, It's COM.
If this is the case then the javascript
//This can make automatically print a doc on the client side;
//Never tried but can you insert this HTML in the output which is pdf?
<script type="text/javascript">
alert("no printer found");
may be of no use; as the pdf is a independent component embedded on HTML, if at all we try using javascript then it cannot completely print the document as it will just print the window I Guess...Never tried...
16 years ago
Please go through the Session Tracking API.
The general way is create a session ID and generate a cookie with the session ID as value and add it to the response.
I believe for every client a particular instance of the servlet is run, in that case even though you generate the sessionID, some one can very well login from new browser from the same PC which very often happens with our email accounts, In that case you have two option either write the session ID into a global variable (I am not sure but you can set the properties) and check every time the page is requested. You cannot write the variable into an array as the array is dynamically generated and will get destroyed as soon as the instance is finished and is only accessible to that particular servlet object.
The other option is write to a temporary file and always check wether the session ID is registered, ofcourse you try to develop a timestamp to remove the session registered after a particular time.
I wish some one give more information on how can we set global variables dynamically instead of using temporary files. I tried once never I got the result.
16 years ago
Dear Dave,
Thanks for the comments!, well coming to the abbreviati....I apologise. May be beginner's might get confused.
text/plain, text/html etc.. I very well know that they are registered types.
The question was
String str="<b>hhhhh</b>";
Can't this be printed as html as well plain text, isn't it.
DAVE>>>>>'text/html' since this satisfies both
SRK>>>>>>This means that the content type which you would like to publish is either text or html..
I meant the same thing brother, well coming to the point of explaining about the mail server. I just gave a example, which I experienced.
Good Luck Nxt T
16 years ago
// This means that the content type which you would like to publish is either text or html..
if String str="<b>yxz</b>";
s.o.p.ln(str); >> this will give the o/p in the browser YXZ but in bold, it will not display as txt untile unless you read it out from a file of txt extension.
But this kinda thing is not even possible in mail servers as well, If at all you want to send a email and wish that it should appear as HTML for people whose server's can recognize ContentType as HTML and whose servers doesnt recognize this should be appear as simple text mail.
This can be acheived by editing two mails one in http and other in txt format and when you send the request on their server first recognize the ContentType on the server and then choose either HTML or txt (logically pgm) to serve them depending on th features they support.
>> But I think still your question is in complete as you never mention whats happening at the client end ?
16 years ago
That was not the pblm sowmya,well I again re-installed the Edition and removed the * from the bat files and set the environment variables and path and it is working, I am really happy.
hi sowmya,
Well it was the pblm of win98, I got some tips how to install on win98, the * symbol when removed was working well.
Now the pblm is the server is not running and deploytool and cloudscape are fine.
when I give J2EE -verbose it loads allclasses and terminates giving the options of usage? why is this happening?
if deploytool is running then obviously this should run isn't it.
Thanks Souwmya,
It seem's that I forgot the basics using the Perl and PHP. But everything is not fine, when I enter j2ee on dos prompt and enter it says syntax error thrice and gives me the options for the j2ee like -verbose...etc, same is this with the deploytool..
I have set the path to the bin directories of j2sdkee1.3.1 and j2sdk
What might be the mistake? Any other pre-requisites.
Good Luck!.
Well if it is the case of passing param's from a asp web page to jsp page then using the URL...and appended by the param which you want to pass. I think you would have done if this was the pblm.
Well friend, if you want to execute a component of JSP from Windows ..using asp then I should say it's not possible, it's like trying to execute a component of UNIX from windows env, next to impossible :-)
Good Luck!.
16 years ago
Hi friends,
I am old to java and new to J2EE, I am not able to run the j2ee server on my win98 despite setting the home and classpath in deploytool.bat and userconfig.bat
when i run the j2ee bat file it gives badcommand followed by outof environment space.
I am desperate to use this thing but my attempts are going in vain, if some on could help me out I will be thankful to them.
I have downloaded the j2sdkee1.3.1 from sun, and j2sdk. as well the copy of ant, but I am not able to set the environment.
Please Guide.