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alonso del villar wrote:hi there! my question is pretty simple,

i have a SCJP from JAVA SE 4 version.

Whit this certification can i take the OCPJP 8 upgrade? The IZ0-813 exam..

Please need help to know..

Yes, you can

As per , this exam is for Java SE 6 and all prior versions.
Congratulations, Ramadan! Great score!!

Narayana Bojja wrote:
Here, "a" type is Animal. So, java compiler checks eat() method in Animal class. It is throwing checked exception. We didn't either declared or handled that checked exception in Dog class main method. So, We get compiler error.

Is my understanding correct ?

Yes, your understanding is correct. Compiler validates a method call on the basis of the declared class of the variable using which the method is being invoked.
The first item in the policy list says, "Candidates must wait 14 days before retaking a failed proctored exam. (Registration will be allowed on the 14th day)".

Did you submit any assignment when you took the test the first time? If no, then the item, "resubmit a failed Master Assignment " doesn't apply to the exam that you are taking.

Just wait for 14 days, buy the voucher, and if you are ready with your preparation, schedule the test!
Congratulations, Krzysztof!
Happy to know that our material was helpful in your preparation
1 month ago
Hit upon this Electron is Cancer article and some of the points the writer has made seem to make sense. For example,

Electron applications just don’t integrate with the operating system the way a native application is expected to do, is this not the reason that why we vowed to kill Flash and the Air Runtime in the first place?

and AWT? and swing?

I am wondering what is Electron doing radically different from all these other UI frameworks that will make Electron succeed?

You can check out this YouTube video to know the basics
As I understand, an electron app contains a little browser in its "packaging". Can this app then run on Android/iOs also? If no, why not?
I checked out this youtube video about Electron and was wondering what is its USP. Providing uniform API across various OSs? Isnt this what Java does? So, instead of Java, you program with JavaScript? What am I missing?
There is no need to walk away. Just try changing your approach a little bit.
Programming is a hands on activity. You learn and retain more when you actually write some code and see it in action. But Java requires too much typing just to print "hello world" and that creates an inertia in trying out concepts through simple programs.
OCAJP Fundamentals By Hanumant Deshmukh includes simple coding exercises at the end of each chapter. You might want to try doing those. Doing the exercises will remove the inertia of trying out the "one off special cases" that you mentioned. You will get into the habit of quickly whipping up simple test programs to verify the concepts covered in a mock question and see how things change by tweaking your code.

Come back to mock tests/questions after you are done with the coding exercises. We have received good results in our training program using this approach.
Congratulations, Barney!Great job, considering the circumstances. Very inspiring indeed.
The Java SE 11 versions of OCAJP/OCPJP exams haven't been released yet but it might be interesting to speculate on new topics that might be or should be included in these exams. Here is our take:

Any thoughts?
If you have already passed SCJP 6 (or an even earlier version), you can straightaway go for the upgrade exam with code 1Z0-813. (Code is important, because there is a different upgrade exam with code 1Z0-810 if you have passed OCJPJP 7).
Here are the details:

You are in luck because the 813 exam is substantially easier than the 810 exam and even the full 809 exam. So, take it while it lasts

There are several books for OCPJP 8 but none specifically for the upgrade exam. You will need to take a look at the official exam objectives and read about them from any of these books.