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Anas Ali wrote:I was initially preparing for IZO-808 but while I registering for the exam I got to know that Izo-815 is out as well.
I’ve scheduled my exam on 1 November (11 days from now).
Can you guys please suggest on how to prepare for the additional topics? And is it wise to go for Izo-815 instead of Izo-808?

Since your exam date is so close, taking 1Z0-808 would be better.  11 days are not enough to change track. You can take 1Z0-816 later after passing 1Z0-808.

Piet Souris wrote:Anyway, the biggest hurdle of this exercise is to realize that B is the correct answer, and not C. Took me a minute of staring... so if OP got that right, then he has nothing to worry.

The issue is not with the question posted above by Mushfiq. He is using it as a base to explain the issue that he faced in the exam. What if the question had these options instead of the existing options?

E. [OCAJP Java, OCPJP Java, OCEJPA Java]
   [C# C#]
F. [C# C#]
   [OCAJP Java, OCPJP Java, OCEJPA Java]

How would you decide which one is correct?

The answer is same as explained above by you and Mike. Either the candidate is missing a clue in the problem statement (most likely) or the question is unfair/wrong (less likely).

Nathan Milota wrote:After reading a few chapters in one of the suggested books and going over my first test while taking notes, I took the Test 2 and got a 63%, so much higher than 40%.  So, maybe I'm getting the hang of it a little bit.

The performance report still doesn't give much of an indicator of what topics I need to study the most, as they are scattered and I got some questions right in every category, but no category very strong.  

What was awkward though is that the distribution of the questions by topic, as it wasn't the same as in the first test, as there were almost twice the questions on inheritance on test one than test two.  Is this how the real exam works?   I thought the number of questions per topic would be exactly the same, and on test 2, there weren't any questions on lambdas.  

Distribution of the questions is random. The 808 exam doesn't focus on lambdas as much.
Hi Nathan,
First of all, don't get disheartened. You will get there.

Let me suggest you the following approach:

1. Stop taking mock exams.
2. Go back to the book (try another one if you feel bored using the current one) and do short and simple coding exercises from each chapter. If your book doesn't have them, try this book's end of chapter exercises. Writing code is extremely important for you to internalize and retain the concepts in your brain. Use command line and a basic code editor such as Notepad++ for this part. Can't stress this enough. If you are unable to do the exercise on your own, read the chapter again.
3. Browse this forum and see if you are able to answer the questions posted by other users. You don't have to wait for new questions to appear. Just go through old threads and see if you answer and the answers posted by experts match. This will give you confidence.
4. Now, go to the mock exams. I am fairly certain that your mock exam score will shoot up beyond 60%.

All the best!
2 weeks ago

Md Zuanyeed Kamal wrote:

Paul Anilprem wrote:
Congratulations on passing the 815 exam!
Here is our list of study materials for OCP 11 1Z0-816.

Hi Anil, I have a question: for modularity, only section 4 and 5 is enough ? Or I have to study other book as well ?
Thank you

If you mean Section 3 and 4 of The State of the Module System, then yes. It is enough. But some people find it easier to grasp things from books that contain more explanations and examples.

Campbell Ritchie wrote:

Paul Anilprem wrote:. . . our list of study materials for OCP 11 1Z0-816.

Good list, but you don't seem to have Hanumant Deshmukh's book on it.

[edit]Maybe HK's book is only suitable for 1Z0‑815.

That's because this book is not for 1Z0-816. It is for 1Z0-815. Recall that 1Z0-815 is OCP Java 11 Part 1 and 1Z0-816 is OCP Java 11 Part 2.

Md Zuanyeed Kamal wrote:Hi everyone, I would like to let all of you know that last week I passed 1Z0-815 exam. Thank you so much for helping me.

Now, I would like to start preparing for Oracle 1z0-816. Can you please suggest me how to prepare for that ?

Thank you so much in advance.

Congratulations on passing the 815 exam!
Here is our list of study materials for OCP 11 1Z0-816.
Congratulations, Brecht! Great job!!

mewan nandika wrote:Hi fellow ranchers !

Oracle website says that the Java 8 Upgrade exam (1Z0-813) will retire on Feb 2020 !

My question is that will the qualification will be still valid (using the title OCP8 Certified) after the exam retires?


Yes, the certification itself doesn't expire. You will always remain certified for the Java 8 platform.
Being old and deprecated doesn't have anything to do here. new Integer(100) is used in this question for two reasons:

1. The question is about passing references (instead of primitives). Using autoboxing takes the focus away from the fact that an object is being added to the stack. The usage of the new keyword makes that clear.

2. Wrapper classes are on OCA 8 exam. new Integer(100) is a valid way to create a valid wrapper class object. You need to learn it (among other things about wrapper classes) anyway.

Also, not all the questions on exam are about the right way to do things. The code that you will see on the exam is not necessarily the code that you will use in real life project. You will see questions with bad practices, bad indentation, and bad logic.

So yes, it is better to use just 100 instead of new Integer(100) in real life code, but that has no relevance in this question. The question is fine as it is.

Peter Potter wrote:How much does it take you to do a standard Enthuware OCA test ? Even though my results range between 90 and 100% it takes me about 4 hours to do the test . Can i assume the real exam is faster to do or is there something wrong with my brain speed ?

Assuming that these are your scores in first attempt on standard tests (i.e. you have not seen those questions before), you are doing great. But you need to improve your speed. You should be able to finish them in the given time.
Looks like this has been resolved after a month of back and forth. OD was the culprit. Their system showed that the refund was issued, which is why their CSRs were so uncooperative, but underneath, the payment never actually went out to PayPal. After calling their billing dept repeatedly, one guy finally figured out the problem and resolved it!
1 month ago