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Recent posts by Paul Anilprem

Congratulations, Max! Great score!!
Glad to know that our product was helpful in your preparation.

Thanks a lot for your feedback about average/sum methods. We have incorporated questions on them in our recent update of the question banks.

Congratulations, Ricardo! Good score!!
Thank you for sharing your experience.
2 weeks ago
Congratulations, Alex! Great score!!

Elias Murgia wrote:Hi all,
i'm studying to prepare the OCA Java SE 7 exam and I'm doing practice with Enthuware quiz.
Does someone knows if in the official exam to obtain the certification is visible the number of options to select for a specific question? Is that visibile or not?

Thanks in advice.


Yes, each question tells you exactly how many options you need to select.
I went with her once. She asked me which one I liked. I pointed to the one on the mannequin. Need I say more?

But jokes aside, I think it says a lot if you are able buy one that she likes on your own.
1 month ago
If yes, do they wear them? If no, should you?
1 month ago
Congratulations, Valentine! Great scores!!

Thanks for sharing the details of your preparation.
1 month ago
Congratulations, Ryan!
Glad to know that our product was helpful in your preparation
1 month ago
Congratulations, Vivaan!
Glad to know our product was helpful in your preparation

Could you please elaborate more on, "One thing that got stuck in my head was that i encountered a question in the exam in which parameters were passed to method reference for all the options, was not able to  figure it out". 
1 month ago
Congratulations, Richard. Great score!
Glad to know you liked our s/w and our services

1 month ago
Congratulations, Rodrigo! Good score !!
1 month ago
There is nothing like fixed and non-fixed sized array. All arrays are of fixed size. Size of an array cannot be changed once created.