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Recent posts by Paul Anilprem

These are frequently asked questions relating to the Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 5/6, Java SE 7, and Java SE 8 Associate (OCA) certifications, and the common answers to them.

Where can I ask questions about the OCAJP exam that aren't covered in this FAQ?
That's what the CodeRanch Associate Certification (OCAJP) discussion forum is for.

Where can I find the OCAJP exam objectives?
Objectives are the goals for the exam to prepare you on certain topics. You can think of objectives as Syllabus of the exam.
  • OCAJP 8 (1Z0-808) objectives
  • OCAJP 7 (1Z0-803) objectives

  • How do the OCAJP objectives map to the old SCJP/OCPJP 6 exam?
    See the mapping table at OCAJP7 and OCPJP7 vs OCPJP6

    How do the OCAJP 8 objectives map to version 7?
    See the mapping table at OCAJP7 vs OCAJP8

    Who is the target audience for the OCAJP 5/6 exam versus the OCAJP 7/8 exam?
    From the SCJA Study Guide ... in regards to the SCJA which is now the OCAJP 5/6 (1Z0-850) exam:

    SCJA Study Guide wrote:We strongly recommend the SCJA certification to the following candidates:
    * Entry-level and junior programmers wishing to start and/or continue down the path of using Java technologies.
    * Software developers and technical leads wishing to solidify their Java-related skillsets.
    * Project and program managers wishing to gain a true perspective of the work and challenge of their teams complementary to their planning and direction.
    * Computer Science and information system students wishing to complement their education
    * IT job seekers looking for a well-deserved edge
    * Certification seekers wishing to round out their resume or curriculum vitae

    In regards to the OCAJP 7 (1Z0-803) exam, it's primarily good for matured programmers & software developers.

    What is the difference between the OCAJP 5/6 and OCAJP 7?
    I'm confused, is there an updated SCJA exam given by Oracle?

    Are there any books / resources for this certification?

    OCAJP 8 Books - OCA Java SE 8 Programmer I (Exam 1Z0-808)
  • OCA: Oracle Certified Associate Java SE 8 Programmer I Study Guide: Exam 1Z0-808 (Wiley), Errata
  • OCA Java SE 8 Programmer I Study Guide (Exam 1Z0-808) (Oracle Press) (McGraw-Hill Education)
  • A Programmer's Guide to Java SE 8 Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) (Addison-Wesley Professional), Errata
  • OCA Java SE 8 Programmer I Certification Guide (Exam 1Z0-808) (Manning Publications)
  • OCA Java Programmer 8 Fundamentals (Exam 1Z0-808) (Enthuware)

  • OCAJP 8 Video Courses - OCA Java SE 8 Programmer I (Exam 1Z0-808)
  • Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer I (1Z0-808) Complete Video Course

  • OCAJP 8 Free Training & eBook - The Java Certification Roadmap
  • Java Programmer Certification Free Training
  • The Java Certification Roadmap eBook

  • OCAJP 7 Books - OCA Java SE 7 Programmer I (Exam 1Z0-803)
  • OCA Java SE 7 Programmer I Study Guide (Exam 1Z0-803) (Oracle Press) (McGraw-Hill Education)
  • OCA Java SE 7 Programmer I Certification Guide: Prepare for the 1ZO-803 exam (Manning)
  • OCA/OCP Java SE 7 Programmer I & II Study Guide (Exams 1Z0-803 & 1Z0-804) (Oracle Press) (McGraw-Hill Education), Errata
  • OCAJP Oracle Certified Associate Java SE 7 Programmer Practice Exams (Enthuware)

  • OCAJP 7 Video Courses - OCA Java SE 7 Programmer I (Exam 1Z0-803)
  • Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 7 Programmer Exam (1Z0-803) Complete Video Course

  • Are there any summaries (made by CodeRanch members) for this certification?
  • How to get java certification: step by step by Mushfiq Mammadov
  • OCAJP 7 Summary by Mohammed Amine Bagdouri
  • Java OCAJP 8 Certification by Paul Robotham

  • Has anyone blogged about the exam?
  • Robert James Liguori's Blog, Getting Certified with Java SE 8

  • What are the free mock exams available?
  • Oracle posted sample questions
  • Whizlabs' OCAJP 7 Free Test and OCAJP 8 Free Test
  • Enthuware's JA+ V7 For OCA-JP Trial Version and JA+ V8 For OCA-JP Trial Version
  • JavaBeat's Java Basics mock exam
  • 20 questions OCA 8 questions/answers in free book preview of Wiley's OCA 8 book
  • MyExamCloud's Free 1Z0-803 Java SE 7 Programmer I Practice Mock Exam and Free 1Z0-808 Java SE 8 Programmer I Practice Mock Exam
  • 10 questions for StringBuilder Topic
  • 9 questions for Lambda Topic
  • 11 free questions on enums
  • Types of questions you'll see on the Java exam (includes 8 free sample questions)
  • 15 free questions on String pool

  • What are the commercial mock exams available?
  • Whizlabs' OCAJP 7 Practice Tests and OCAJP 8 Practice Tests
  • Enthuware's JA+ V7 For OCA-JP Full Version and JA+ V8 For OCA-JP Full Version
  • JavaBeat's OCAJP 7/8 Mock Exams with 400 sample certification questions
  • MyExamCloud's OCAJP 7 (1Z0-803) Exam Practice Tests and OCAJP 8 (1Z0-808) Exam Practice Tests

  • Are there any tips and advice for taking this exam?
    In the OcajpWallOfFame you'll find experiences (including resources they have used) about other ranchers having already passed the OCA exam. So these experiences and stories could also be very useful.

    What is the policy on posting questions I saw on the exam?
    You may not describe or talk about the questions you saw on any of the Oracle exams - see the CodeRanch's Policy on Real Questions for further details.

    What other certifications do I need before I go for the OCAJP certification?
    No prerequisites for this certification.

    Where can I find the FAQs for the legacy SCJA exam?
    The SCJA FAQs can be found here.

    Where do I see my certification results?
    See our certview wiki page

    CategoryFaq CategoryCertification
    6 days ago
    Sorry, not alt+f6 but shift+f6 (to run the current class)

    Elias Murgia wrote:Hi all,
    Does in the exam questions are indicated the number of answers to check or not? I'm referring to OCA Java 7 exam.
    Thanks, Elias.

    yes, every question specifies how many options you need to select.

    Jake Monhan wrote:Question. Not to use netbeans default configuration, is there a good way to instruct Java via programming code that it should be running Chimpanzee's main, not Primate's main?

    Use alt+f6 to run the main of the class that is currenly open in the editor instead of the one specified in project properties.
    use cntrl+shift+f5 debug.

    Mark Kevin wrote:Thanks, Paul. Good answer. Can I take it then that there is an equivalent beginning of a String under these circumstances? Or is it only at the end?

    Indeed, there is a beginning as well. It is denoted by the ^ character. But the position of the "beginning of input" coincides with the index of the first character of the string i.e. 0.
    The pattern \\d* means a string length 0 or more, consisting only of integers. This pattern will match at every index of the input string because at every index there is a String of integers of at least 0 length, except at index 2, where it finds 34.
    6 is indeed not a valid index in the given String (because its length is only 6, so indexing will be from 0 to 5), however, "beginning" and "end" are independent concepts in pattern matching that do not necessarily match with String index as this example shows. Last character of the input String is indeed at index 5 but from the perspective of the matcher, the string "ends" at position 6. You can think of it as a String terminator that exists just after the last character of the string.
    The given pattern does match with the string terminator as well (because of the star) and so the matcher returns 6 as well.

    Change the pattern from "\\d*" to "$" and you will see that it prints 6. Because $ matches "end of input" and 6 is where the input ends.

    If you click on the "Discuss" button at the bottom of the question view, it will open an existing discussion on that question.
    It will save you some time and effort if the discussion clears your doubt
    This thread turned up while I was searching for something.
    This is neither an error nor a typo. It seems some versions of Kindle are stretching a single space a little too much. It shows up correctly on Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 though (tried with Kindle Previewer). The explanation given with this question makes it quite clear that there is a single space between "hello" and "world".


    fred rosenberger wrote:
    However, in the school I taught, i had students up to age 15 - at leas one of whom was in the 7th grade. I had ten young ladies who had babies of their own. I had student who were on probation, who routinely met with their parole officers.  One day, a mom, who was a cop, came to school in uniform, in her cop car, put her own son in handcuffs, and took him away to juvinile detention.

    1 month ago
    Congratulations! Great achievement indeed !!
    1 month ago
    Congratulations, Michael!
    Glad to know our s/w was helpful in your preparation
    1 month ago
    Congratulations, Max! Great score!!
    Glad to know that our product was helpful in your preparation.

    Thanks a lot for your feedback about average/sum methods. We have incorporated questions on them in our recent update of the question banks.

    2 months ago