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Recent posts by Abdul Aleem

I was really surprised to see very little traffic on this forum, doubting java is still king on the server alone?

Well let me get to business, we have ported many ( doing the rest) of all our applet(swings) based application to java web start and facing few issues although we enjoy the richness and performance of JWS

a) our clients are facing lot of installation related issues, is there an easy way to test if client pc can succesfully test installation of jws on their machine ( I believe need to write a simple hello world program and host it on our server and ask client to use jnlp link ? does sun provide some sample tests after successful installation of JWS off the shelf?

b) How do you handle client logging ?
Enabling the debug console is not an option as user will tend to close it anyway as they will be annoyed by the opening window

Can write to disk but again size grows considerably and writes to a common folder for all jws applications
If need to write to seperate folder security issues etc

(In applet days, just ask the client to get the java console on the fly from the browser when there is an issue, this is not the case with JWS )

From what i know is Java is growing on the desktop too,( sun's pushing Netbeans IDE and guys like Romain are doing fantastic job on the java desktop ) but curious to know if any tools/features provided for effective maintenance ?

Appreciate any thoughts/help on the above

Best Regards,

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13 years ago
Hi All,
Just thought if the question was not clear enough, I would
appreciate if any thought on any of the points below

I have a swing client which need to communicate ( both send and
receive message ) from a distributed system.

Here are my queries.

a) both send and receive is asynchronous - is it a good design to
have two set of queues on acting as a requestQueue and other
as responseQueue

b) we need persisting messages meaning crash recovery, our design is more complicated that each swing client will need to listen to more
than 100 requestQueue & responseQueues - because the client n eeds to communicate with 100's of broker offices located remotely to place orders as well as receive trade updates

c) Finally might sound a silly question,
If we have a requestQueue and responseQueue (point a) , can
the same responseQueue be used for Synchronous and Asynhronous communication ?? I mean the swing client need to query
some user specific data (just a request response) will be wise to make use of existing channel instead of creating one ? any thoughts ??

d) Any inputs on scalability of this system, will it scale very well ??
Highly appreciate any thoughts or even if you find some flaw in the approach kindly let me know.

I appreciate if someone could throw some light, as we are a very small team (2) with limited expertise on JMS.

Many thanks,
Hi All,

This is a design issue, our requirement is swing client submit trading
info to trading server
(located at multiple broker's office remotely ) and trading server has to update swing clients with trade updates.

Key issue is that both actions takes place asynchronoulsy

Hence we decided to rely on JMS

Is it a good design to have p2p and pub/sub implementation on both client
and server ??

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions / comments or even if JMS is not an appropriate choice?? use XML based approach ??

Many thankss,
Hi All,

I would greatly appreciate if someone could give somepointers on this.

We are developing a stock trading system from scratch. We need to connect
to stock exchange for Market data feed.

Stock exchange provides ip address and port. I know ican do a socket programming to listen to the stream and write the bytes.

But just wanted to know can we use JMS/MQ both for asynchronous support and reliability.

If it is possible to use JMS/MQ do we need to build both server and client?? kindly advice

our front end is Swing and not web based application, in such case is it worth to use Application server only for JMS implementation ?? or it is wise to use opensource frameworks such as ActiveMQ instead of using JMS

Do please put your thoughts, any pointers is greatly appreicated.

Hi All,

I would greatly appreciate if someone could give me some pointers/resources
to design real time market data feeds (real time stock quotes, indexes)

any good books / tutorial for designing financial applications using Java
i did do google but couldn't get what i wanted.

Thanks again,
Hi Ernest,

Yea this is actually an interview question, i am not sure what did the interviewer was expecting as the answer, I am pretty much aware that using synchronized block within m2() is same as synchronizing the method itself.

The question posted was how would you achieve the coordination of two methods by using java synchronized block only and not to use wait & notify so that any thread entering m2() will wait for thread in m1()

Thanks a lot,
Hi Ernest,

Yea, not synchronizing the method m2() but use synchronized block
within m2() to solve the problem.
Hi All,

I am not sure if this is a naive question, I would greatly appreciate
if someone could explain with a code example to solve the question below

There are two methods one synchronized and other non-synchronized e.g.

Suppose there are two Threads T1 and T2 accessing the above methods,
The question is which ever thread T1 or T2 gets to m1() then the thread
getting to m2() should wait for the thread in the synchronized method m1() to complete and then start processing m2()

Could this be achieved without creating additional locks or without using wait and notify ?

Many thanks,
oops looks like no body is interested on sun e-practice exams.
I would like to slash the price before registration date expires

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Hi Barry,

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Hi All,

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Hi Tiffny,

Yea I did do both the master mock exams that comes with K & B Book
apart from self test.

The complexity and style closely matches the real exams, atleast lets
you know where you need to actually concentrate on the questions to get it

15 years ago
Dear All,

Many thanks for all the information, guidance out here in Javaranch,
though i haven't participated in the forum much but active visitor of SCJP
Many thanks to K & B for such a wonderful book

Well I have managed to score only 66%

Time taken for preparation : 1 month
Study materials used : K & B , java spec , Dave Allens Notes (very handy especially if you travel long hour to work can use this )

To the SCJP 5.0 aspirants : concentrate more on generics / threads
generics is not tough though but questions on the exam might seem confusing if not very thorough.

PS:- I am going to take a gamble with SCJP 5.0, I am going to resign
my current job ( i was hired as java developer but working in c++ for past 8 months ) with about 4 years experience in J2EE i hope i will get a decent java job in the Pro Microsoft country (Hong Kong )

Thanks for your patience, sorry for long post
15 years ago
Hi Rajesh,
It would be really helpful if you could let us know the publisher
and ISBN number, i checked with leading bookstore in bangalore according
to them indian edition is still not published.

Many thanks,