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Recent posts by Rupinder Bains

Whats the difference between Domain Model Diagram and Design Class Diagram?

I know that the ICONIX process makes use of them both.

Within Robustness diagrams there are a set of rules that exist stating which ojects may "talk" with each other. What are these rule???
You download Rational Rose free from the Brighton Unversity website in the Uk and also the UML Studios is available to download for free...hope thats helpful
Robustness diagrams are created using three types of objects. What are they???

and how would I define the ICONIX notation for each?
whats the advantages and disadvantages of using use cases in object oriented development?

My exam in nine hours ... I hope I pass!!! I cant remember anything. Thank You JAVA RANCH!!! stress stress stress...
Thank you... You have been really helpful... My revision is going well... hopefully I will pass the exam on friday... these past paper questions are hectic... but I understand what you mean by specialisation and generalisation. Thank you Stan
17 years ago
why is inheritance seen as a key factor in object oriented software development?

Ive read up on it but still doesnt make any sense???
17 years ago
What does generalisation mean within 00 programming?
17 years ago
what is the difference between primary secondary and optional use cases?
What are the differences between essential and real use cases?
Also the exam is java object oriented related
The papers are past university exam papers... so I dont understand how the question cannot make sense?? Im totally stuck...and worried if this question will come up in the real exam, as it is a question worth 10 marks
what is the purpose of a interaction diagram in UML
im going through practise papers to understand more about java and uml.

I dont understand this question :-

Describe the incremental/evolutionary delivery model of software development. What are the advantages and limitations? Relate this model to the UML software process?
Just general advantages and disadnvatages??? eg... being flexible, graphical... easy to learn language... stuff like that.??? i dont know much about the languages.