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[ May 11, 2006: Message edited by: fred rosenberger ]
18 years ago
Did you try this:

Best regards.
18 years ago
Hi guys.
Here is my problem.
We have the text field (struts html:text) wich shoud show the variable from the form. Befor the form is populated this variable is formatted, based on if it is negative or positive. If it is negative it comes in as
<font color="#AF0B1C">(184,548.93)</font>. Of course in the text it is looks the same. I tried to set the page scoped variable and than use it in the html:text tag:

but it does not work. The page scoped variavle val still looks as <font color="#AF0B1C">(184,548.93)</font>. So, nested <c ut tag with the escapeXml does not work. (whit hte <bean:write ... filter="false"/> the same situation)
What can I do if I need the text field in which I have to show parsed variable.

18 years ago
2 Rob: about getting a job. First of all - not all recruiters such I talked about.

Do you know that sending your resume to the recruiter and waiting an answer is the worsrt way to looking for a job. So you don't need to adopt. There is a lot of other ways especial for begginers, or new comers (emigrantss) to find a job. Yes may be they will take a little more time than just sending the resume, but they are more efficient and you do not depend on recruiter.
19 years ago
But, I repeat again, if I summarize my experience in two words I won't be distinguished by others.
Think about it, how is the resume of the very experienced person can be the same as the newbie one - IT IS NONSENSE. I do not want to have deals with such headhanters who "DO NOT HAVE TIME" (ha-ha very bussy) to read my resume. There are a lot of others, who understand that if he/she spend some time and find the right person they will earn more money. The head hunter has his bread while there is a developer exists, and NOT otherwise. I have spent 5 years in University, but a lot of recruiters even do not have the college degree. And such person tries to teach me. Funny situation, isn't it?

Sorry for the roughness, but this is my opinion.

Best regards.
[ May 19, 2005: Message edited by: Serghei Jelauc ]
19 years ago
As I know empty one - <auth-constraint/> is ALWAYS WIN.
Hi Mark.
I am very interested how the candidate with the 5 to 10 years of experience can discribe his/her experience only on 2 pages. It will say NOTHING about it. In this case that resume will looks like the resime of a new graduated candidate ist't it?

Best regards.
19 years ago
Oops. Mistake. Thanks for prompting, I'll correct.
19 years ago
Why do not you declare a ServletContext instance variable and create the setter method for it in your java class for example? Something like this:

public void setContext(ServletContext context) {
this.context = context;

After that you can use the context as usual: context.getAttribute("Sim");
19 years ago
What do you mean under the "excellent salary"?

19 years ago
How about this code:
Hi Vishwa.
Thanks a lot. Now it is more clear for me.
But after I tryed to create a small app. I have one more Question.

Here the tag handler class:

If I use

the result is:
in the doStartTag()
in the doEndTag()

it looks like doAfterBody does not work.
BUT if I change the tag handler code like this:

that is OK.
I can't understand WHY?
[ May 17, 2005: Message edited by: Serghei Jelauc ]
Hi all.
I have found such assertion:
If the <body-content> element's value is tagdependent, the tag handler class must implement the BodyTag interface.
Is this true? If so, why can't I implement IterationTag (or extends TagSupport).

What do you want? Can you explain more detailed?
[ May 16, 2005: Message edited by: Serghei Jelauc ]
What type of your exception?
Declarative <error-page> works only for non-checked (Runtime) exceptions and ServletException because servlet's doXXX method signature allows to throw only ServletException and IOException. To make this works - wrap any non Runtime exception into ServletException and rethrow it.

Hope it helps.