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Recent posts by Eric Pu

Originally posted by James Turner:
recNo mean simply... record number.

But how do I know the "recNo" of a record?
In the provided by Sun, There is a parameter "recNo" as in the following code.

What does the "recNo" means? As I see, there is no such field in the database file. How can I create the recNo and where to store and identify it?

I also doubt about the ID.
I'd like to provide a JTextField to let the user enter the ID.

I don't know if my solution is right.
I will not change my plan. So I will take the exam this Saturday.
I haven't got it yet. I'm in Shanghai, China.
I passed too.
Thank every one here.
I know that the Part I of the SCEA exam is based on EJB version 1.1.
But how about the Part II? Is it based on EJB 1.1 or EJB 2.0?
Thank you.
Maybe in May, I think.
Someone on another forum told me that the Sun would send more than 400 vouchers.(Probably 500)
So if you take the exam after 400 candidates have taken it, you can not take the exam though you have the voucher. That means if you take the exam near the deadline, you may have no chance of taking the exam since the number of people who have taken the exam has reached 400.
So I want to know will it happen?
Thank you.
The second one is available in China.
The Chinese edition was published by China Electric Power Press.
And the English reprint edition was published by Tsinghua(Qinghua) University Press.
I have the second book, but it covers only MIDP 1.0/CLDC 1.0.
I'm in Shanghai, China.
I received my voucher just a few minutes ago. Thank Sun first.
I think you can find the pdf version of some books on MIDP 2.0 provided by 0day on some Chinese Java website and read it.(But it may be illegal. On the other side, no MIDP 2.0 book available now in bookstores in China. So it's up to you whether to make use of the illegal electronic book.)
I haven't got it yet.
On your Score Report, there is a column named "Candidate ID", that is the number.