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To the winners of our book:

Pyare Kumar
Ganesh Patekar
David Barry
Cleo Junior

I am sure you have could not put down the book before you had read the last page.
I bet you picked a few new things from the book.
A review from you will be much appreciated just to let the greenhorns know what they are missing out on.

Mighty obliged!
I have had a mighty good time on the CodeRanch during the book promo period.
This place was a riot (in the positive sense of the word) in the good ol' days, and continues to live up to its reputation.
Greenhorns flock to this place. And they do ask some mean questions.
I don't mind looking in for a pow-wow when the going gets dull. Sure beats whittling anytime.

Sincere thanks to the ranch-dwellers for setting up the book promo.
Sincere thanks also to the greenhorns and other high-ranking ranch-officials who participated in the promo.
Congratulations to the winners. I hope you do know that you are supposed to read the book aloud from cover to cover at the dinner table.

Finally, good luck to all seeking coding wisdom on or off the certification road.
Keep in mind that horse-riding (or a SUV) gives you a higher perspective.

See you around!
Mighty obliged to you for that darn good review, partner!
Hope them greenhorns discover it while prospecting on the CodeRanch.
With all them cows given to the book, I just might venture into cattle ranching. :-)
Mighty welcoming the greenhorns on this Ranch.
Much obliged!
Now if they mozy over to the book website, they might find some nuggets to nail that nasty exam. :-)
As Roel points out, the book does have a mock exam. Please check the table of contents on the book website for topics and features offered by the book. The mock exam has completely new questions with annotated answers.

Functional programming is fun. I had to resist the temptation to include more stuff on this topic in this book.
The basic theme in the OCAJP book is the following:
• Understand behavior parameterization in functional-style programming
Essentially packaging behavior and passing it as a value, without the need to create objects.
Plenty of examples in the book to motivate this idea.
In addition, to provide a comprehensive and cohesive coverage, the following related topics are also covered:
• Provide an overview of the general-purpose functional interfaces in the java.util.function package
• Implement lambda expressions in the context of a functional interface
• Understand the implications of a lambda expression in the context where it is defined
• Understand type checking and deferred execution of a lambda expression
• Define selection criteria as predicates for filtering ArrayLists
As I have mentioned elsewhere, wielding lambdas is going to be an assential skill for any Java programmer. :-)
Hi, Knute.

You won't get a more clearer answer to your question than what Roel gave you.
Here is my two bit.
If you are new to Java, why would you want to opt for an older certification?
If you are an experienced programmer, taking the latest certification just might teach you a few new things.
If you already have a previous certification, the upgrade exam is the way to go.
And I do believe that OCAJP is a stepping stone to OCPJP.
Some basic programming experience is essential. It need not be in Java, but can be another programming language.
Understanding of variables, expressions and basic control constructs would go a long way.
But it can be a tough going, which I am sure many wanderers through the certification landscape can vouch for.
Of course, the more programming experience you have the more accessible the material is.
Just reading the book is not enough. You gotta get down and do some coding.
And nothing beats real life programming experience. :-)

I beleive that I know this sheriff!

Mighty indebted to you for rounding up any law-breaking statements and snake-oil sounding code in our book!
The culprits that escaped are now behind bars on the errata page.

1. Does this book have good enough examples of above mentioned concepts with different combinations explained step by step so that clears all doubts?

This is more like asking: what is the meaning of life and can all life scenarios be explained step by step so that the meaning is crystal clear. :-)
To take your question seriously, we have to the best to our ability tried to explain these topics as clearly as we can with explanations and examples.
The jury is till out on whether we have done a good job.
We recommend using the exhaustive index in the book to look up finer points on any topic.
To learn programming, experimenting with code cannot be emphasized enough -- regardless of reading about it in a book.

2. Can you please point out what makes your book differ from the books already there in market? Or perhaps people might already have bought those other books so please point out few things why buying your book yet be beneficial for these people?

Each of these questions is a 64-nugget question to ask any author. This book differs in significant ways:
- without being pretentious, this book leans more towards the "academic" side to provide a more comprehensive coverage of the exam and relevant supplementary topics, rather than a strictly bare bones coverage of just the exam topics.
- we deploy a few features that we claim can help the reader master the exam topics: complete examples that can be ready compiled, run and experimented with; UML to illustrate language constructs and examples; review questions after each major topic to test what has been accomplished.
- we do not mention previous versions of Java. If you are holding this book in your hand, you want to learn Java 8. How things were done in the previous versions is less relevant.
The book website mentions other features as well.
It is always a good idea to consult several references, not have blind faith in one source. :-)

I think the ranch has a very good comparison of the two exams.

I consider Java 8 a game changer: lambdas bringing in a functional-style of programming.
It is already having a profound effect on how the language is now being used, and it would surprise me if this is not reflected heavily in the certification exams.
A cowboy should know how to cast a lasso. A Java programmer should know how to wield lambdas.
Thank you for the warm welcome!
It has been a while since we did a book promo on this ranch.
I am looking forward to some interesting questions from ranchers and city slickers.
I aim to be right here until High Noon on Friday.
Breaking news from JNN (Java News Network): A new culprit has been added to the list of Ten Most Wanted Books for Java SE 8 OCA Programmer I Exam.

Reliable sources report that it has been sighted at these places:

The same sources also reports that it is actually based at this website, where ample sample content has been stashed and where errata will be exposed.

Apparently the book provides some insights never before covered in an expose of this kind.
Some revelations will make the Java Community Process look tame in comparison, we are informed.
Readers are asked to report their findings on CodeRanch, so that outrageous claims about the book can be substantiated.

Prospective bounty hunters are asked to keep an eye out for the upcoming book promo to be scheduled on CodeRanch.

JNN will continue to cover this story as it unfolds.

Written by Khalid A. Mughal, author, on special assignment for JNN.

I must say it has been fun taking part in the book promo this week!
Many interesting questions, comments and suggestions and, not the least, some hilarious discussions.
If I find the time, I intend to pop in once in a while to check out the action at the ranch.

All the best in your endeavor.
Be it SCJP or other exam.

Checkout our book website:
It just might wet your appetite.

Thank you for your feedback.
Keep it coming.
We value it, no matter how trivial.

Thank you for taking part and bye for now!

-- khalid
And then again some people shoot ducks!
My sympathy is with the ducks, regardless of their fate.
I sincerely hope that ducks are not a metaphor for authors of certification books!