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Recent posts by parag Chatterjee

Hi Sania,

Will you please let us know the website address of THBS,UK
16 years ago
Mastek is a Mid Level Indian Company.
They are having one relatively big project in UK , but I can assure you it is not guranteed that you will come Onsite for sure.
Moreover, don't expect much J2EE stuff even if you come Onsite(which I think will be for short terms only, as already there is a long queue on bench waiting in Mumbai).
But if you don't get an opportunity Onsite there is not much to do there in Mumbai as no big project in Mumbai.
So think carefully and take your decision.If you are 100% sure you are coming Onsite then only take a decision to join.
Hope this will help you in taking this decision.
16 years ago

I have got the entire contents of a XML file in a String.

Is it possible to parse the XML from the String using DOM or SAX.
The problem is I am only having the string as the source and not any xml file.

Will highly appreciate any kind of help in this regard.


I think you should use setContentType("multipart/form-data")
18 years ago
You second approach of Java class is a more standard create taglib for the class and use as common tags in all jsp pages.
18 years ago
Can anybody tell me what is the difference between Session Facade and Business Delegate patterns.
BY Session Facade what I perceive is that the Session bean acts as a facade to the underlying entity bean and database.
By Business Delegate my understanding is that the Session bean delegates the business call to some other objects and itself acts as a wrapper method.
If I am wrong can anybody help me understand the same
Can anybody tell me how is the IT market in South Africa?
18 years ago
I feel that you are writing the suite() method wrongly.
19 years ago
what prevented you from using a Date or Calender API if you are doing a project?
19 years ago
I was able to deploy war file and test it from browser .But when I am putting the war file into and ear file/removing the war file from the application directory/deploying the ear file-->
after this when I am trying to access the jsps inside the war file from the browser file not found error is coming.
But when there is no ear file and I am accessing the war file directly this error is not coming.
Can anyone tell me what the problem is from my end.
19 years ago
Hi ,
I have created a web application at the path
I have created a war named myWeb.war at
by using the command
jar cf myWebApp.war <myWebApp>

Using weblogic Admin Console I had deployed the war.
There is a file named index1.html in the path
<myWebApp> at deployments/web applications
I am typing
http://localhost:7001/index1.html at browser uri path
No File found error in given at the browser.
Can anybody help me how the war file will be successfully deployed and then contents of <myWebApp> will be visible on the browser.
19 years ago
With Transaction_Repeatable_read isolation level one can dirty read and repeatable reads can be avoided.Repeatable reads are what exactly mentioned in the problem.The existing will not be changed while someone is reading it.
So,this justifies the answer being C)
Can anyone tell me how war file is to be deployed in weblogic 6.1
I am trying to create a war file for defautwebapp directory ,removong files from defaultwebapp directory,placing the war file in the config/mydomain/applications directory and restarting the server.
I am giving the url for basix index.html
File not found error is coming up.
Can anyone help me to solve this?
All the steps mentioned by you are OK.But you should deploy the y.jar using Weblogic Admin Console instead of using