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Recent posts by Shameen MK

Thanks, but what I dont understand that if I am not providing the registration number either at the time of taking the voucher, booking the date or even taking the exam, how will Sun relate it to my previos exams?

I mean they cant link it only by the persons name.
I plan to take the SCWCD exam in a months time. I called the center to pay for the voucher and book the date for the exam. However, they neither asked me if I have completed SCJP nor did they ask for the registration number of my SCJP exam. How will they figure out if I fulfil the pre-req?

I certified in SCJP in October 2000 so even I had a similar doubt. I wrote to Sun and got a response that I am eligible for SCWCD. But it would be nice if this can be confirmed again.

I believe, you can write to sun too to confirm that.
As Ernesto mentioned, may not be two different instances, but two differenct threads for the service() method for each request.
Oops, I overlooked that in a hurry. Thanks for correcting me.
I believe that you will get an error when the request actually tries to find the servlet. It will give this kind of an error, since it cannot find a match in the servlet class -

The requested resource (url pattern) is not available.
Thanks Santosh. The reason why I mentioned that I could have used GET also for point 7 is that there are only two fields mentioned i.e. Name and Address which is too less and can be adjusted in the GET request. Although, I do agree that POST is a better way in such cases.

Thanks a lot.

I want to double-check the answers of the first exercise in HFSJ. I know it is simple, but I cant find the answers. I would definitely like to know if I answered them correctly. For each description, we need to select if we would use GET or POST. My answers are next to the descriptions.

1.) A user returning a login name and password - POST
2.) A user is requesting a new page via a hyperlink - GET
3.) A chat room user is sending a written response - POST
4.) A user hits the 'next' button to see the next page - GET
5.) A user hits the 'log out' button on a secure banking site - POST
6.) A user hits the 'back' button on the browser - GET
7.) A user sends a name and address form to the server - POST (I chose POST because it uses the word 'form', else I could have gone with GET also)
8.) A user makes a radio button selection - Either POST or GET

Please send me the pdf at Thanks in anticipation.

You are right. I find it confusing too since the java.lang.String class does now have an implementation to get the value for variable "name". I am not sure from where will it get the value of the variable 'name'.
Hey congratulations!!

I am also planning to take this exam soon. Please let me know which JCWCD study kit are you referring to?

Thanks for informing me about locking out my ID, but I did not quite understand what is the the problem with my name.

"Shameen" is my real name. I have used my first name as the display name. Is it mandatory to use the last name as well. I believe there should be no problem in using only the first name. If there is, please let me know so that I will add my last name as well.

I took the SCJP exan 5.5 years back. I have not been working on J2EE techonologies for some time now.

I plan to go for SCWCD exam soon. Do you think that I should revise the SCJP course before taking the SCWCD exam?

As per my understanding, UDDI registry was done through registering into one of the companys registry sites like IBM, Microsoft. But now it looks like that process is changing and there will be one centralized location. Can you please clarify what is happening?
15 years ago