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Recent posts by Sivasundaram Umapathy

Thank you Jane. We will fix it up in the next print.

Good luck for your preparation

The scope of SCEA is narrow as it based on Java technologies. Zachman is a generic framework and has a wider application
Thank you John.

I had the privillege of attending your father's 1-day session in Bangalore, India. Do you guys have any plans to offer the certification courses(the Z series) in a similar manner in India?
It's a certification offered by John Zachman through zachman international on Zachman EA framework.

Please read the FAQ on the process of earning this certification

You can download the 90-day evaluation copy from TOGAF-download page.

The study guide as well as print edition of the specification are available for purchase from the Opengroup store

Good luck with your preparation.
[ June 06, 2008: Message edited by: Sivasundaram Umapathy ]
16 years ago
I tried it today and passed. The exam is easy to crack once you have read the TOGAF Specification well. I also used the TOGAF study guide but it is just a verbatim copy of the relevant sections of the specification. So the specification is all you need to pass the exam.
16 years ago

OMG will conduct a beta test of each of the five OCEB´┐Ż (OMG-Certified Expert in BPM) examinations, and is currently recruiting test-takers. These BPM practitioners will, if they pass, get OCEB-certified months
before the standard-form examinations come out, and a limited number of them will take up to US$1,000 worth of certification examinations for free.

Apply here: Beta Registration
I am from India and I received it last week
Congrats. Glad to know that our simulator helped you in passing the exam.
16 years ago

Good luck folks for the subsequent parts.