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dhriti joshi

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Recent posts by dhriti joshi

I have an html from which I want to etract an included html,to mark the html I have put a starting and an end tag say <here> and </here>.
how do I exract all the text in between this html.

example is

how do I extract string "abcdef",using the HTML parser.

Thanks in advance,
10 years ago
Hi members,

I have 6 yesrs of experience working in USA in tecchnologies like Java/J2EE/servlets,springframework/struts/JBoss/Weblogic
Ajax/Java-SAP interfacing applications using JCO lib.
All my experience in different companies has been on SAP Interfacing apps.
I carry 3 certifications - SCJP, IBM xml and UML modelling,have exp. in development and design.

I plan to move to India in a couple of months,haven't started the job hunt yet.

Any suggestions how easy will it be for me to find a suitable job.
Was wondering how much should I expect in current Indian market.

10 years ago
are there any web based online traings out there for maven.

12 years ago
In jdbc I do using :

getStatement().setNull(1, Types.NUMERIC);

what is the option in spring if i want to send null valueto a column in database.Do I simply pass null in the parameter array like
new Object[]{null}

Thanks in advance.
I am facing a problem with myeclipse IDE.
I have CVS repository added.I can see the head,versions and their contents.

But cannot expand the branches,it shows empty,though i know that it is not empty.

Any help ?

Thanks in advance,
I am populating data from database in an object inside the init method os the servlet.
then I am configuring this servelet in web.xml to load on start up using<load-on-startup>

public class TestServlet extends HttpServlet {

TreeMap tm =null;
public void init() throws ServletException {
tm= call to database(not posting actual code in this line)

I am not much familiar with servlets,my question is how do I access this object- tm in other classes.

Thanks in advance.
13 years ago
I am fetching the resultset form oracle DB in my java class.

But since I do not want to query each time for performance reasons,I would like to keep the data in cache and call query after every 30 min.

How can I do this?any hints..

Thanks in advance,
I am using my eclipse with weblogic.
To compile and deploy my changes I use ant ,this compiles and deploys the entire application therefore takes considerable amount of time.
how do i compile a single jsp or a java class in myeclipse to save my time.

thanks in advance.
for downloading IDE which one do I get from this link,the sdk or the from the distros.

can some one please suggest where do I download the IDE for windoes from ?

I was planning to go through the book gang of four,but if I do not have enough time may be I will just refer applying UML and patterns.

Thanks for sharing the link for case study.

by the way,don't get worried about your results at mocks,thats what they are meant for,see where u were weak and focus on those areas.

Good luck with your prep.

Hi Mallika,

Are u talking abt. the mocker's 3rd quiz ?is that called ICE.

what is the practise exam on IBM's site.
I am going to read about patters in detail today,then plan to give the 3rd test.

Sorry I do not have any case studies,it would be great if u can share the one u have.

Its nice to discuss about each other's experiences.

catch u later.

hi Mallika,

I also found the same thing.When I posted the in javaranch I had gone through only 1st one,which looked like a cake walk.even 2nd was pretty easy,
Third I just started did not continue due to time constraints,but yes it was getting tougher.

Have you purchased whizlabs,if yes we can discuss about that too.

I am done reading the 2 books-distilled UML and applying UML patterns,these days going through the mocks,plan to give the exam in 2 weeks,as I am a working mom and do not get much time to study.

Good luck with your preparation.


Doesn't the promotion page specifically mention that it is valid only for websphere,SOA and XML technologies.

Hi friends,
I am planning to appear for IBM 486 this months end.
Have gone through the 2 books UML distilled and applying UML and Patterns.

These days I am going through the mocks,I have also purchased whizlabs simulator.
What i found was there was a huge differnce in the difficulty level of questions in whizlabs and magnet mocker.
Whizlabs appears too difficult and magnet mocker appears too easy.

Can anybody suggest the level of difficulty for the actual exam,is it somewhere between these two.Did anybody else feel the same.

I really can not make out if I am ready to give the exam or not.

Thanks in advance.