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Aron Simbaba

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Recent posts by Aron Simbaba

I am working on a practice competition problem, and having trouble determining what data structure I should use, and how I go about starting this problem. Initially I thought about using a HashMap, but that didn't work out very well. Here is the problem description:

You have been given bits and pieces of your family tree. Your task is to determine if two people are related based on several connections.


The first line will contain a single integer n that indicates the number of connections. The next n lines will consist of a name, a connection, and another name. The connections will be either mom, dad, brother, sister, daughter or son. The next line will contain a single integer m that indicates the number of test cases. The next m lines will consist of two names.

Your program should determine if the two names are related


Ouput either Related or Not Related, depending on whether they are connected or not. There will be m lines of output.


John brother Susan
Kim mom John
Dave son Jim
Jim John
Kim Susan

Example output to screen:
Not related

An approach on how to solve this would greatly be appreciated!

5 days ago
Here is my log in code that uses Basic authentication:

Let's assume there is no preset password for the login and it is based on a signed in users user name and password. Would the text being put into the Text and Password field be encoded to 64 bytes since I am using? Help on understanding this would be greatly appreciated!
2 years ago
When the HTTPUrl is using basic authentication to authenticate the username and password, is the username and password being encrypted? Would by chance a packet sniffer be able to detect what the username and password was if it was sent along the server?
2 years ago
i do not know how to pass that information into the client and have it converted in an automatic fashion.   If you have a link or someway to demonstrate? idk how to do it.  reading suggestions?
2 years ago
i made a java client that can connect to an api.  I can use basic authorize to login and access the api (hard coded)i.  I would like to know how can I create a javaFx login username and password field that will allow me (or anyone with the right log in information) to log into the api without hard coding ? (using only basic autho)  i know HOW to make a javafx login password window, but i do not know how to pass that information into the client and have it converted in an automatic fashion.
2 years ago

Dave Tolls wrote:I'm afraid not.
I picked up most of my stuff through internal projects and the like.
I expect any book I might have used is likely to be outdated by now.

the following link has been extremely helpful in pointing me in the right direction and getting started.  im on the path now thanks
2 years ago

Dave Tolls wrote:The web service is part of the website.

A lot of websites these days are a Javascript front end that interacts with the server via RESTful services, for example.

Take as an example.
If you open up the network tab of your browsers developer tools (in Chrome I right click and select "inspect") and then do a flight search you'll see a bunch of calls to '/api/<something>'.
Those are web service calls, all initiated by the Javascript, in order to populate the data you see on the results page.

So your website would do much the same thing, allowing you to write a desktop app that can interact with the site.

You'll find mobile apps that do the same sort of thing, using the exposed web services that were built initially for the associated website.

i appreciate the explanation.  Can you suggest a book or a online course that might not just explain but demonstrate what I'm trying to do?  the internet is a fantastic place to learn but the downside is there is so much information it's overwhelming especially since there is no where to actually start.  thanks so much
2 years ago

Stefan Evans wrote:Sounds like you're looking at the right stuff.

Most probably want you want to do is write it in three parts

#1: Web service that stores and manipulates all the information
#2: Website that acts as a front end for the web service so users can enter data easily
#3: Desktop application that connects to the web service to retrieve book information, and can then process the information as it likes.

thank you for your response!  what im having trouble understand how (once created) is the web service deployed in order to interact with my hosted website?  where is the webservice located that people on the internet can interact with it?

creating the website and the desktop app are issues i can solve but the webservice....  i found this link webpage it seems i need to actually host the webservice yet if im hosting it on a server (tomcat) that means i have to point people to it first?   im completely lost
2 years ago
I want to build a website that will allow people to register log in and populate fields for book title author registered users will be able to edit there entrees.

I then  want to create a desktop java client that will enable them to sign into the web site where they can print out the book list
and or email that book list to someone else.

I'm not sure where to start as I've searched the following RESTful Web Services Jersey API and plenty of YouTube videos
even searched here and found these links(WHICH WERE NOT HELPFUL)

I've read opening up remote server from my hosting provider isn't an option as it's not very safe/secure.

2 years ago
Well i eventually found the fix . I had to place the embedded derby database files into a folder along with the derby jars, and my jar file that contained my project and everything worked beautifully!

Thanks for all the insight,
2 years ago
So I ended up using Derby. I have got everything to work. Except, when I jar the file it says that the database I had created with Derby was not found. This is strange because I have the database files in the class path of my project, and it's supposed to be embedded into the application. What am I missing?(Thanks for all the great feedback so far)
2 years ago
Hello all,

I have been wrestling with a problem over the past couple of days. I had made an app that took in a sqlite database and displayed it's contents in a jtable, you had the option to udpate, delete, and save more users. Everything was dandy until, I tried jarring the program up, and using it on a different computer. It gives me an error saying it can't find a database. I have been researching online for embedded database solutions but I can't find any. I have heard of and tried Derby by Apache, and even downloaded NetBeans to see if that would have made a difference.

I am at a cross as to what I should do, and I would love it if someone could point me in the right direction when it comes to embedding a database that can be updated in a jar file while still displaying current and updated information.  I am willing to work and try new things!

2 years ago
Thanks for the great practice exams which led a 14 year old to his success on the Java 7 Associate programmer exam!
Thank you all, I have figured out the problem
3 years ago