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Recent posts by Dylan Valic

Tim Moores wrote:I gave it a quick spin - double-clicking the main jar file does not succeed in running the program. the command that does work is the one that's in the launch.sh and launch.bat scripts. Try running those instead of double-clicking the jar file.

Thank you so much Sorry to have wasted your time with something so easy.
6 years ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:Please explain how you are running the program. Show us the instructions you are using. That error might be a problem with the installation of the Developer program. Tim M seems to think the same. I would have thought that a download shou‍ld come with instructions for setting its classpath, or shoul‍ld have that already incorporated in the .jar file somewhere.

These are the instructions that were given with the program


The latest version of KanjiTomo can be downloaded from www.kanjitomo.net Unzip the package to
any directory and double-click KanjiTomo.jar, launch.bat (Windows) or launch.sh (Linux/Mac)
to run the program.  If you are upgrading from previous version of kanjitomo, you can use
Settings -> Import settings to load your old configuration.

Java is required to run the program. It is recommended to install Java JDK instead of JRE, it
will increase recognition speed by about 25%. KanjiTomo is a standalone program, Java browser
plugin is not required and can be disabled. Java can be downloaded from

KanjiTomo has been tested on Windows 7 operating system. Other operating systems might also
work, but Japanese fonts must to be installed."

I looked around in the files in there are a few more JAR files, but no instructions on how to create a path for it, unless I am not seeing something.
6 years ago
Hi, I download a program that I want to use but it requires Java to run. I just downloaded Java SE Developer X64 but I get an error every time I attempt to open the program. I don't know much about programming so I am not sure if it is my fault or the person who made the program. Here is the error I get

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/imgscalr/Scalr$Method
program version:
java version:1.8.0_141

Does anyone how to fix this? Thanks.
6 years ago
Hi I am trying to create a user controlled exit at the end of my program. I have to make it if the users says yes then the program repeats and if the user says no or cancel then the program ends. I already know how to make the program end but I am not sure how to make it repeat. Here is my code

I need help with what I should put on line 33 in place of the placeholder text. Thanks in advanced.
8 years ago
Hi for my project I have to reverse a string in Java and I am having some trouble. I am getting an error on my code. On line 10 it says "in cannot be resolved" how do I fix this? Here is the link to my code http://pastebin.com/Vz9DVu1u Also here is what I have to do for my project just in case I am trying to do the wrong thing "Write a program called ReverseString, which prompts user for a String, and stores and prints the reverse of the String. Have the user input a string into an input box Output the string through a message box." Thanks in advanced
8 years ago