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Recent posts by Rajesh Pathak

Pleased to inform that I Passed SCEA with 94%
The breakup is as follows.
Class Diagram (44 maximum) .......................... 44
Component Diagram (44 maximum) ...................... 40 Sequence/Colloboration Diagrams (12 maximum) ........ 10
During submitting the assignment for Part II, I was not sure whether my design was right. But I made a detailed document explainig the design. Part III was easy as there were questions related to the design.
Thanks to all for their support.
18 years ago
Congrats pradeep!
18 years ago
I had time to spare but could'nt answer many questions
Hi All,
I appeared for the exam today. I did not had time to go through EJB specs and hence paid heavily
. I banked on my previous knowledge of EJB gained from O'reilly's book. Kathy's tips and all the discussions on this forum also helped a lot.
I ran out of patience sitting at the same place for 4 hours. Thanks to Prometric, I did not face any bugs in the exam software
This exam will gear up all of us for the real SCBCD exam
Myself registered on 10th.
Seems I am left out :roll:
Thanks pradeep for your prompt response.
Regarding secret of my sucess ,JavaRanch forum and the enthusiastic Ranchers kept me motivated to win certifications one after the other.
For further information please get in touch with me. We both work in the same company-same Project group
Pradeep, thanks for sharing your experience
Can you please answer few more queries...
1) How many questions were there and the level of difficulty?
2) Were their only multiple choice questions, or their were filling the blanks or descriptive type?
3) Approximate percent of questions only related to EJB?
Thanks in advance.
In a application I have to query the same database many times (for select ,update...etc).
Should I reuse the same Connection and the same Statement? Or is it suggestable to follow the approach of create-use-close and so on.
Thanks in advance.
Often the following argument is given for using web service (1)Integration of application running over disperate language/platform (2)program to program interaction...etc
My question is, why should I develope/use web service when the above requirement can be achieved by other ways also(e.g. A properly coupled J2EE application can do this job well)?
Thanks in advance.
19 years ago
Is there any relation between SOAP encryption and web services security? Can you please give some insight.
Thanks in advance.
19 years ago
SOAP is the communication protocol in the web service scenario.
Does SOAP use only port 80 for message transfer? Does W3C recommend something regarding it?
Thanks in advance.
19 years ago
Hi Ranchers,
I Passed the test with a score of 74%.
This forum was of great help as I got the strategy to prepare, various links for (free)reading materials. Also, the experience of Ranchers, who have faced the exam, was very vauable.
The resources I used are:
1) XML quick reference (Skonnard) is the best.
I studied it thoroughly and also made notes for revision.
2) Books: Professional XML(Wrox publication)- I read only few begining chapters to build basic concepts.
XSLT(Wrox publication)-This is good book but it goes in great details which is not required from exam point of view.
3)The W3C schema primer is the best resource for XML schemas, and is more than enough.
4) I also read some Developer's work from the IBM site. Good stuff there to build concepts, hence helpful for cracking the scenario based questions in exam.
5) IBM's mock test is must-do stuff.
I am working on SOAP,WSDL so that part was bit easy for me.
I had installed evaluation copy of XML spy, and practiced enough of DTD,Schema,XSL. Hands on practice is must to digest the concepts.
All the best for future aspirants
Great score Ali. I am impressed
Thanks for posting your valuable comments.
Thanks Sajid.
Actually this was a question asked to me in an interview. So, I am equally not sure what the interviewer wanted as answer :roll: