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First of all, your code would probably give you a compile error in this line:
Here you are actually attributing a value (9) to the variable int HelloWorld, so it would result in which is not a boolean.

If you change your if's to == instead of = you would actually be comparing.

And the reason why both would give you the same output is because the curly braces can be omitted if the body has only one statement.
For example, this:

is the same as this:

It is worth noticing that omitting the braces is considered a bad practice since it reduces code readability, so just don't use it.

5 years ago
Many companies nowadays are still using xml configuration over annotations, saying it is better to get an overall feel of the application when it is all in the same place.
In your own opinion, which one do you think is best for big enterprise applications?
Should they stick with xml or is it worth it to move to annotations?

Thanks guys!
5 years ago

It will compile since both classes Water are in different packages.
When you make a reference of Water in WaterFilter, you are importing all classes of the package "aquarium", but not "aquarium.jellies". So only the first Water will be used in WaterFilter.
That's why it compiles
5 years ago

Winston Gutkowski wrote:

Paul Clapham wrote:I've been using the ISO standard for dates myself for a long time now (it's an international standard, what's not to like?) and so for me today is 2016-03-14.

And if π leaps out at you from that - or indeed the other 300 million of you actually wrote your dates that way - you'd get no argument from me.


Everybody knows today is actually 14/03/2016
5 years ago
Just out of curiosity, what would be the benefits (real practical examples if possible) of developing Java EE on Linux instead of Windows? (Or vice-versa).
5 years ago

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:Hmm. Maybe a book like "Core Java"? It doesn't cover all the OCP topics, but covers some. And other knowledge that is good to have.

1.000 pages seems very intimidating, but the book is said to be quite compelling. I'll give it a try!

Hari Kiran Grandhe wrote:Congrats on passing OCA 8 exam. To gain some solid knowledge on the topics that are covered in OCPJP 8 exam, you could go through the following books along with Java 8 in action:

Java SE 8 for the Really Impatient, Cay Horstmann, Addison-Wesley, 2013
Java 8 Lambdas: Pragmatic Functional Programming, Richard Warburton, O’Reilly, 2014
Mastering Lambdas: Java Programming in a Multicore World, Maurice Naftalin, Oracle Press, 2104
Functional Programming in Java: Harnessing the Power Of Java 8 Lambda Expressions, Venkat Subramaniam, Pragmatic Bookshelf, 2014

The reason why I suggested these books is because OCPJP 8 provides considerable focus on Java 8 features.

These books have great reviews, I'll take a deeper look to decide which one to read!

Thanks guys!
Hi everyone!

I've just passed the OCA 8 exam last week and now I want to start preparing for the OCP 8 exam.

As far as I know, the OCP is much harder than the OCA exam, and because of that, before jumping to the OCP 8 Study Guide by Jeanne & Scott, I'm planning on reading a more general Java book that gives me a solid knowledge on java before actually focusing on the OCP study guide. Since I don't have much experience on Java besides small projects and my OCA preparation.

What book would you recommend that would give me a good base on the OCP concepts and that covers a certain amount of the OCP exam at the same time? (Of course I'll read the OCP 8 Study guide later on).

I was thinking about Java 8 in Action, or is it too focused on only Java 8 features and not more basic OCP concepts?


Roel De Nijs wrote:

Felipe Kunzler wrote:Well, if I do pass the exam with +80% I'll most likely share my preparation in this forum. So you'll be knowing if you would had won the 100 Euro bet haha

It seems I have definitely won my 100 euro bet

Yeah! You certainly did win Roel haha
Hi guys!

After 5 weeks of hard work, yesterday I took the OCA 8 exam, getting a score of 97%!!

Since I've benefited so much from other ranchers' experiences, it's only fair that I share mine as well.

- OCA 8 Study Guide by Jeanne Boyarsky and Scott Selikoff
- Enthuware mock exams
- Coderanch
- The internet

I started studying the book on 13/12/2015 and got the following scores on each end of chapter test.
13/12/15 - Chapter 1: 78%
14/12/15 - Chapter 2: 80%
20/12/15 - Chapter 3: 78%
23/12/15 - Chapter 4: 68%
26/12/15 - Chapter 5: 70%
27/12/15 - Chapter 6: 80%

After reading the book for the first time, I decided to take the trial mock exam (free) from Enthuware.
27/12/15 - Sample Test: 59%

I couldn't finish the sample test in time and left 15% of the exam unanswered. So I decided to review the whole book and take all the exercises once again. Here are the results.
27/12/15 - Chapter 1: 100%
30/12/15 - Chapter 2: 85%
31/12/15 - Chapter 3: 85%
02/01/16 - Chapter 4: 76%
02/01/16 - Chapter 5: 85%
02/01/16 - Chapter 6: 95%

After I had finished reviewing the book I decided to buy the full Enthuware mock exams. I took all of them and here are the results.
03/01/16 - Foundation Test: 82%
03/01/16 - Test 1 : 80%
06/01/16 - Test 2 : 81%
09/01/16 - Test 3 : 81%
10/01/16 - Test 4 : 91%
12/01/16 - Test 5 : 87%
16/01/16 - Test 6 : 92%
17/01/16 - Last Day Test : 90%

Some important things that helped me while studying:
- Highlighting the key points and what you think is most important while reading the book. (This is really helpful for reviewing the book for a 2nd time).
- I've created 7 java files, one for each chapter and another "general.java". Here you keep everything that is important and those silly gotchas. (The file won't compile, it is just for a quick review)
- After each mock exam quickly see the questions you got wrong and why. And then afterwards review every question with more time.

My only complaint is about the resolution of the monitor, which is quite low, but after 30min I got used to it.

My strategy on the exam was:
- Skip a question that looks very time consuming (Left ~8 unanswered).
- If I wasn't sure about a question, I marked it to review (~13).
- Answer all time consuming questions.
- Review all marked to review.
- Still had 40 minutes, so I reviewed every single question (Changed only 1 that I was 100% sure).

I'd like to thank everyone in this forum for making such a nice community. And a special thanks to Roel, for putting so much effort on every one of his answers. Thanks for being so helpful to everyone, Roel!!
5 years ago

Roel De Nijs wrote:
When I passed the OCAJP7 exam, I shared my experiences here, including some information about my different iterations through the questions. But how you take the exam is often a personal thing and if you feel comfortable with the approach you followed during the Enthuware exams, just stick with this approach. There is no reason to change it as you pass every mock exam very comfortably and you still have some time left. Never change a winning team!

True! I'll probably stick with it.

Roel De Nijs wrote:If these are scores of taking the mock exams in exam mode (time limit, first attempt & no other resources used than pen and paper), there is no need to be a nervous Nellie I'm very confident you'll pass the actual exam. If it was possible, I placed a 100 Euro bet on you passing with a +80% score. That's how confident I am!

Well, if I do pass the exam with +80% I'll most likely share my preparation in this forum. So you'll be knowing if you would had won the 100 Euro bet haha

Thanks for the help Roel!!

Roel De Nijs wrote:Yes! When you click on the "Next" button after answering the last question, you do not finish the exam! You get a review page: this page contains some explanatory text and then you have a table which contains all incomplete questions and all marked (for review) questions (ordered by question number). At the bottom you have at the left 3 buttons:

  • review all questions
  • review incomplete questions
  • review marked questions

  • Hmm, I see.

    So, would you say that it is a good idea to leave unanswered questions unmarked to review as well?

    Because what I've been doing with Enthuware is:
    1. Answer ~90% of the questions (leaving the time consuming ones to the end).
    2. Answer all unanswered questions.
    3. Review those that I'm not 100% sure (marked to review), usually 15% of the exam.
    4. Review all other questions that are unmarked to review.

    Usually when I finish the exam I still have 30min to do pass 4, but I'm just too tired that I don't, but I think I'll do it on the actual exam if there's enough time.
    My scores with Enthuware have been: 82%, 79%, 81%, 81%, 91% and 88%. I still have to take 2 mock exams. (I'm quite confident but a bit nervous as well, I'll try to keep calm and do my best!)

    Thank you very much Roel!!
    Hi Roel,

    Is there a "Review" screen on the actual exam like Enthuware? Where you can see all the questions, and if they are unanswered and/or marked to review?

    And can you right click to stroke an option that you are sure isn't correct?

    (Going to do the exam probably on Monday, pretty nervous haha)

    Has anyone ever bought the voucher through Oracle University or only through PearsonVUE?

    Hi there,

    How long does it takes more or less for Oracle to send the voucher after the payment is made?

    Hi guys!

    Thanks for the answers, I'm yet to take the OCA 8 exam (Probably 18/01), so far I've read your book twice and then started taking Enthuware mock exams, got 82%, 79% and 81% respectively. Still 5 mock tests to go!

    University comes back soon, so I won't have time to really focus on the OCP 8, only next year in January, that's why I asked if it would be a problem doing the OCP far from the OCA and how much I'd have to review (:

    All the best!

    PS: I was writing this on Quick Reply mode and then wrongly clicked on "Post Reply" instead of Submit. Thought I'd have to write everything again.. Gratefully when I came back one page my text was still there. (Nice done developers hahah)