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Recent posts by Saed Hussein

Am developing web application with Java EE and apachache tomcat 9.0, the application is student control system; i categorized as follows:
-- Models(,,,, so and so)
-- DAO data access objects (......)
---Controllers (these controllers are extending HttpServlet and i named them to and so)
-- Views, which are totally jsp files with no native java code all they are using EL (Expression language and JSTL), they are stored in different directories suppose in students i use this folder and .
--- in addition I created another class called which .
--- all these are good the user prompted to login, after filling login credentials it will be established a session and stored user data;

--- now what I want is: if the school needs different levels of users like a user which specific to billing and a user which also specific to exams and super role user which has all the privileges to control such of these activities;
how do adapt this, also i have an idea which is kind of grid that manages roles in one window it would mimic like the below image:
User Role Manager

below is my workplace shot
2 years ago
I have come across on OCA Study Guide by Jeane Boyarsky & Scott Selikoff;
I have been reading the polymorphism section.
I have been fully understanding up-casting and down-casting in primitives data types. if I try to apply my previous experience in type casting, which class is greater then the other if they are superclass and it's subclasses or interface and implementing abstracts & classes. and how some methods would not available in some objects.
I apologize in advance if my English seems poor
2 years ago
Why i'm studying inner classes is, Inner classes has subtopic of anonymous classes which are prerequisite to understand lambda expression as I think.
any how thank you for your reply; also your reply will help me letter and also other newbies.
this Friday i have been studying inner classes, after studying i think that i got something to apply, and that is:
suppose could i say that is inner class of and is static method of inner class .

may be I don't have any idea for puzzlers.

and it will display:
Hello 0
Hello 1
Hello 2
Hello 3
Hello 4
Hello 5
Hello 6
Hello 7
Hello 8
Hello 9

be aware if you preincrement i and change your for loop body code like this result will be different and the code will display at round 0;
Dear Roel De Nijs, Henry Wong;
would you please recommend / suggest me a freeware other than paid enthuware, which i can practice my expertise in java.
this question totaly wrong or it is outdated with OCAJP 8 and 7.
Dear Liutauras Vilda;
thank your reply just i was thinking if there is a convention to use array variables in method inputs.
your post was helpful.
I have making online test and i saw this, look image below:

the question displaying is from this website 4Tests Website.
question number is this: Question4

i saw that loops e.g for loop has array identifier convention like for example
so i would like to know array passing method convention suppose an array that accepts array of integers would be like this: so what is the convention to change , or sometimes
do you think that some centres can't provide computer based, or totaly this exam is computer based;
my planed location to write exam is:
Boston Consulting
Alem Bldg. #2, 1st Floor
Addis Ababa Ethiopia.

my city doesn't have a Pearson exam center but i plan to go abroad, i would like to get sure does exam is based on computer or it is based on hard papers. ?