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Is it possible to just buy this exam before 25th of Aprli and then i can schedule the exam later? For example on July? Does anyone know how it works?

Additional question:
I passed OCA 8 exam some time ago. What would be the best path for me to accomplished OCP examination?

Best regards
Ok. Thank you so much. So... would you recommend to pass the OCP 8 and then OCP 11 upgrade?

Some time ago i passed the OCA 8 exam. I didn't force myself to learn and pass OCP 8 immediately after OCA.

I want to go back to OCP learning but now we have also a possibility to pass the OCP 11 (part 1 and part 2).

I've done some research and found this page So i wanted to ask if this is a true that i can try to pass OCP 11 part 2 and skip OCP 11 part 1.

If you have different, better ideas how to deal with it (maybe there is a smarter way to accomplished this path) - please let me know  
I would understand if the answer was ./lion (like you wrote) or /lion (like i thought)

But i am asking - why it's ../lion (double dots)

I have a problem with explanation. If problems in this snippet was corrected it would be E.


It prints:


And i have a problem with understanding what exactly relativize method does. Why last line prints


when file kodiacbear.txt is in system root? What am i missing?
Hi falks!

I've been reading the OCJP 8 (Java OCP 8 Programmer II Study Guide written by Jeanne Boyarsky and Scott Selikoff).
I'm in the middle of Chapter 9. And i've noticed strange thing (for me).

In Creating Paths section they wrote:

and after that in Accessing the Underlying FileSystem Object section they introduced:

And both generate ProviderNotFoundException.

This is my code:

Why does it throw an exception? I've found this topic but it's not clear.

I cannot find the solution why this code doesnt work. What's the concrete reason?
Thank you for your response.

Ok so whats the difference between and
Ok. Understand.

And what about this situation where had also value - 90?

If thought no matter which scenario i choose (single threaded or fixed thread pool) the AtomicInteger always be 100.
Code from book:

Ok. Assuming that this works like they said even if i've tried run this code couple of times and i had "90 90" values once.

But back to the merits. They explain correct answer in that way:

B. The code compiles and runs without issue, so D, E, F, and G are incorrect. The key aspect to notice in the code is that a single-thread executor is used, meaning that no task will be executed concurrently. Therefore, the results are valid and predictable with 100 100 being the output, and B is the correct answer. If a pooled thread executor was used with at least two threads, then the sheepCount2++ operations could overwrite each other, making the second value indeterminate at the end of the program. In this case, C would be the cor- rect answer.

I've changed my code to this one:

And i am still gettin the "100 100" values. What am i doing wrong?

I'd really appreciate if you helped me
Code from frame from book:

I have no idea why it doesnt compile. Event in text we have:

So i assume we can add there an Exception object also. As i understand <? super Exception> means - all classes where Exception is a superclass.

And i've created one more example. With extends.

In this case. I thought that only first line wasnt compile. But all of this lines werent compile.

Can someone explain me this?
Hi. Yesterday i passed the OCA 8 exam with 87%.
My personal goal was to have more than 80%. But when i saw the result i want 90%

So. I have question:
1. Will i get more mail for example with information about paper cert version?
2. I want add it to my linkedin profile. Which image url i must add?
4 years ago
Hi users,

Do You have a scan and someone could show me how does it look like.
What kind of information does it exist?