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Recent posts by kalpana Iyer

Originally posted by Gregory Cranz:
To answer the question of WHY IS AMERICA HATED I offer a simple answer: Jealousy

I agree. In general, US populace has risen above petty issues (unlike other countries, including India) have. The way you guys have built your country from almost nothing is truely amazing. Of course, no country is perfect, and I really think that your policy towards Pakistan is all messed up, and some of the terrorism issue is your own making but I greatly admire US for its attitude and its way of life (I am not talking about quality of life, which is also great btw). I do not hate US at all, I just wish my coutry were like that. Another thing is, people in India (in general) do not hate anybody, and US the least, except Pakistan.
19 years ago

Originally posted by Thomas Paul:
No one is criticizing H1B employees. I understand that you don't want to leave but the law says that H1B's can only come here if there is a demonstrated need for them. That need no longer exists. H1B's are taking jobs from Americans which is not what the program is supposed to do.

I agree with you on this. It is perfectly valid to scrap the program altogether or may be not renew the visas. My only objection is when you say all H1s must leave immediately. It is not the same world of 100 years ago anymore where you could treat people like slaves. You must also follow the laws...at least the ones that you've made
19 years ago

Originally posted by Jason Menard:

As a side note, I don't think anyone expects or wants your sympathy. The H-1B worker is irrelevant in this whole process, they are just the visible symptom and really aren't to be blamed. This is strictly a dispute between US labor and the IT industry / government.

That's exactly what I said before. Lot of people are unnecessarily critisizing the H1s for no fault. Hey, it's not because of us that the economy went south! May be you should deport the top finance people of the big and small companies who looted your money.
At least, what we are getting is well known and is all legal.
19 years ago

Originally posted by Thomas Paul:
Actually you are mistaken. An H1B can be told to leave as soon as the need for them as ended. 3 years is a limit, not a minimum. In any case, the same Congress that made the law to let H1B's in can make a new law to send them all home.

Sorry, you are mistaken. Here is why:
1. As per the current H1 laws, as long as an H1B worker is working for a US employer, he/she is in status. "There is no minimum" does not mean, INS can deport any H1 worker on it's whim, if the worker is in status.
Check this out: http://www.ins.usdoj.gov/graphics/howdoi/h1b.htm
It is a different matter if the company has fired the person. But again, firing a performing worker has it's own rules.
2. Yes, congress can build new laws to reduce the time of H1B, or scrap it altogether. However, no sane person can think that if the H1 category is scrapped, all H1s have to leave the next day. Common sense says that the law will apply to new applicants (and thus there would be no new H1 workers). If you think that is the case (that all h1s have to leave the next day), let's not discuss anymore.
3. When you say, "there is no need now, so go home", this is what I understand:
A US company is recruiting an alien and says, "hey, we want to hire you now. But we are not sure whether the INS will let us keep you for the next year, month or even week. So come at your own risk."
Is this correct? If it is:
Not only this rule inhumane, it is outright stupid. There has to be at least some "known-ness" for the program to work. If the time duration of H1 is reduced to say 1yr+1yr (instead of 3+3), then INS has to respect that. They can't just dictate that all h1s have to go in one week because ecomony has nosedived. Again, they can definitely scrap the program altogether upon seeing the status of the economy, but for people who are already in, they cannot just change the rules. (Of course, H1s cannot do anything if INS does that, but I don't think that's going to happen.)
Best of luck,
19 years ago

Originally posted by Thomas Paul:
Well, no one forces H1B's to work in the US. If you don't like the terms you can return home. You knew the rules when you accepted the H1B visa so I have absolutely no sympathy for you.

Now you are talking. You knew the rules before bringing H1s in...hell, you made them. By "your" rule, H1 is valid for 3 yrs, extensible bu 3 more years. As long as an H1 is on a pay roll, you CANNOT kick her out. You should have thought about this before letting them in rather than being a cry baby now.
You knew the rules too. I have no sympathy for you either.
19 years ago

Originally posted by Rufus Bugleweed:

Are you sure that if you complete enough time to be eligible for social security that they won't send you your check?

Yes, they deduct 6% Social Sec. Tax and they do not pay any benefits of one doesn't pay SoSec for a minimum of 10 years.
And FYI, max. time of h1 visa is 6 yrs (including 3 yrs ext.). That's a pretty sleek technique to extract 6% for nothing....huh?

So many of them forget that this country was built with taxes and blood which they made none of the contributions.

Why do you think H1's don't make any contributions? I pay almost 1600$ (on a salary of $5500) in taxes.
Btw, why are you guys so angry at H1's? It's not like we came here by digging tunnels accross your southern borders. I think it very unfair of you to just target us whereas the real culprits (if there really is) are your own companies, your own politicians and your own system
Frankly, actual H1s are merely pawns in this big game. We (well, at least myself) came here to earn money and a good life. And I am pretty sure you father/grandfather came to this country for the same purpose. Didn't they? I am ok even if I am paid less than what a citizen would get [I'm not sure if it affects the overall rate. I'll explain below.] because it is still more than what I make in my country. But so what? I did not force anybody to hire me. Hell, I did not even know that I am being under paid.
1. Here are the details of my payment: I am working at company X. X pays $100 Per Hr to a consulting company C1, which is is a prefered vendor of X. C1 pays C2 ( I don't know how much). C2 pays C3( I don't know how much). Finally C3 pays me a salary of $5500 PM. (Approx. 28$/Hr). Now, are you still envious of me??? Out of $85, which is what C2 probably gets from C1 and which is what a citizen or a green card holder would get, I get only $27. So yes, I am being exploited just because I am on H1 (and I can't go solo, I have to be employed with someone), but company X doesn't know about this. It still pays $100 per hr for me. And I am pretty sure that it would not pay any more to a citizen. So I believe that the rates are not down due to H1s. They are down due to these blood sucking parasites called middle parties/consulting companies/oursourcing/placement agencies.

2. I did not break any laws to get in. I gave the extact and true information regarding my qualification. Your INS approved it. So why am I (H1s) being targetted???
And honestly, you need to do a little bit more research before accusing H1 of dragging down the rates. In all the projects I have worked in, the company paid same hourly rate to natives and H1. It is a different matter that H1s finally get a lot less than the natives. Still, H1s do NOT undercutt the labor market as you are accusing them of.
Just think about it. You are barking at the worng tree. We are not the cause of your troubles.
19 years ago
Can somebody tell how detailed are questions on Filters in the exam?
Thank you for the information. Yes, I understand that HTML is required for writing HTML pages in real life. I just wanted to confirm whether it is needed for the exam. In fact, not just HTML, we also need to know a fair amount of JavaScript too but so should I "cram" that too, to take the exam
The SCJP exam tells how many options need to be selected for a question. However, the questions in Sybex book say "Select all that apply". So, is the number of correct options not given in the SCWCD exam?
Kindly help.
Q5 Chapter 1, Sybex
Which of the following tags is used to create a drop down list?
<select name='choice' multiple></select>
...other similar options.
Does the exam contain such HTML based questions. It's already tough remembering the servlet API, do we also need to cram the HTML tags?
Which of the following request header tags is innaccurate?
User-Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible Windows NT5.0)
Accept: image/gif, ...
Accept: application/x-comet, ...
Host: localhost:8080
2. Other similar options.

As I understand, there can be tons of headers in a request. How do I know which headers are valid??? Does the exam ask this kind of questions?
People who have given the test, please clarify.