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Manning Publications Co.

Manning Releases RSS and Atom in Action
Building Blocks for Web 2.0
Greenwich, CT, Aug 03, 2006 - Manning Publications has released RSS and Atom in Action: Web 2.0 Building Blocks, the latest in the Manning �in Action� series. This book offers clear and current coverage of all feed formats, web services protocols for blogging and the very latest programming toolkits for Java and C# developers.

Written by Dave Johnson, an expert in blog technologies and the developer of Roller, the much acclaimed Java-based blogging software, RSS and Atom in Action is the first available book to cover the IETF Atom Publishing Protocol, the Java- based ROME feeds toolkit and Microsoft's new Feeds API for IE7 and Windows Vista. A timely addition to any developer�s Web 2.0 library, the book is organized in two parts. The first part introduces the blog technologies of newsfeed formats and publishing protocols. The second part shows how to put those together to assemble exciting and effective blog applications.

In his foreword, Simon Phipps, Chief Open Source Officer, Sun Microsystems, Inc. writes, �This book is an important reference for people who want to be ready for the future.�

For more information on this book visit
About the Author - Dave Johnson is an experienced software developer, technology enthusiast, and expert in blog technologies. He started blogging in 2002 using Java- based blogging software that he developed called Roller. Roller now drives the ground-breaking employee blogs at Sun Microsystems, is used by thousands of bloggers on and other sites, and is a successful open source project. Dave now works at Sun where developing Roller and promoting blog technologies is his full-time job. He lives in Raleigh, North Carolina.

About Manning Publications - Manning is an independent publisher headquartered in Greenwich, CT, that specializes in publishing computer and technical books for professionals -- programmers, developers, system administrators, designers, architects, business managers and others. Since 1994, Manning has built its reputation as a publisher of the highest quality technical books and attracts leading technologists and computer scientists to its ranks of authors.

RSS and Atom in Action
Web 2.0 Building Blocks
By Dave Johnson
ISBN: 1932394494
Softbound print edition, 400 pages, $39.95 | Ebook $20.00
For sample chapters and more from the book visit


Manning Publications Co.
Olivia DiFeterici
Publicity Manager
17 years ago

Manning Press Release


For Immediate Release

Manning Publications Releases Ajax in Action

Noted Ajax developers team up to write authoritative book on Ajax

Greenwich, CT. October 19, 2005 -- Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, known as Ajax, has exploded on the Web development scene, introducing a new breed of applications, such innovations as Google Maps, imbued with the rich expressiveness of desktop applications. Up to now, there has been no authoritative guide to this complex set of technologies. Manning Publications has today released the most comprehensive book to date, Ajax in Action.

Ajax in Action re-orients the reader�s conceptual framework away from traditional Web app development to richer, more useable interactions. The authors, noted Ajax developers Dave Crane, Eric Pascarello, and Darren James, use their extensive experience to cover core techniques, demonstrate how to manage the Ajax code base and teach design patterns and best practices. Their techniques emphasize optimal security and performance. A highlight of the book is the collection of five real-world examples that provide readers with ready-to-use Ajax components for use in their own Web applications.

�Ajax in Action will open the minds of programmers to the many advantages gained by using Ajax,� said Manning publisher Marjan Bace.

Ajax in Action is written for developers who have prior experience with Web technologies but who approach from such diverse paths as software development, graphic design, Web design, or desktop application development. Server-side code is presented in a mixture of languages including PHP, Java, C#, and Visual Basic .NET. Three appendices cover Ajax tools and tricks, a JavaScript primer, and a roundup of Ajax frameworks and toolkits.

About the Authors �

Dave Crane has pushed the boundaries of DHTML, and latterly Ajax, on digital TV set-top boxes, in home automation and banking and financial systems. He lives in Stroud, Gloucester, UK. Eric Pascarello is an ASP.NET developer and a moderator of the HTML and JavaScript forum at JavaRanch. He lives in Laurel, MD. Darren James is the architect of the open source Rico project and lives in Sunnyvale, CA.

About Manning Publications �

Manning Publications Co. is an independent publisher of high quality technical books for software developers and managers and is headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Ajax in Action
ISBN 1932394-61-3

Softbound, 680 pages, $44.95

Ebook $22.50
18 years ago


SCWCD Exam Study Kit Second Edition is Released

Greenwich, CT, May 19, 2005 -- The most popular book to cover the Sun Certified Web Component Developer exam is now updated in a second edition. This book covers the newest version of the exam, holding closely to its predecessor which set the standard for clarity and precise technical understanding. A reviewer of the first edition at noted it was "chock full of excellent resources" and would "definitely use this book even after the exam."

SCWCD Exam Study Kit Second Edition is for Java programmers who want to prepare for this exam which focuses on the Servlet and JavaServer Pages technologies. While the exam is geared for those who have a certain amount of related experience, those who do not will quickly get up to speed with the book's three introductory chapters. The bulk of the book's chapters are then built around the objectives that Sun has published for the updated exam. With its in-depth explanations, the book thoroughly covers Sun's new features for simplifying web development including the Expression Language, the JSP Standard Tag Library, and SimpleTag development. Review questions and quizlets throughout ensure that the reader has understood the concepts. The publisher's website offers owners of the book additional features to help them succeed on the exam: source code for all the programming examples and an abbreviated version of the JWebPlus exam simulator containing a practice exam.

With the tremendous penetration of J2EE in the enterprise, passing the SCWCD exam has become an important qualification for Java and J2EE developers. The SCWCD Exam Study Kit Second Edition has one purpose, to help programmers get certified. Its in-depth coverage will do that and more, proving this book to be a reliable desk reference after the exam as well.

About Manning Publications--
Manning Publications Co. is an independent publisher of high quality technical books for software developers and managers. The company is headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut. Review copies are available in print or electronic edition by request to Helen Trimes,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

SCWCD Exam Study Kit Second Edition
Java Web Component Developer Certification
by Hanumant Deshmukh, Jignesh Malavia, and Matthew Scarpino
ISBN 1932394-38-9
Softbound, 560 pages, $49.95, May 2005
Ebook $25.00
Sample chapters from the book are available at the publisher's website
19 years ago

New Manning Book Release -- JUnit Recipes: Practical Methods for Programmer Testing

Greenwich, CT, August 10, 2004 � JUnit is a popular open source testing framework used by programmers to test their Java code. More and more developers are turning to JUnit to incrementally build a test suite at low cost, catch unintended side effects, and focus their development efforts.

�JUnit Recipes: Practical Methods for Programmer Testing� fills the gap in reliable JUnit documentation and serves as both a reference and a tutorial. The book contains one hundred and thirty seven step-by-step recipes for using JUnit effectively in a real, professional environment, culled from J.B. Rainsberger�s years of personal experience as a master programmer and often-sought expert in the JUnit community. This how-to reference collects common testing patterns into realistic working examples. The focus is on practical JUnit solutions to a range of problems, from the simplest applications to even the most difficult legacy components such as EJB's and JDBC code. �JUnit Recipes� is published by Manning Publications and arrives in bookstores August 2004.

In his Foreword to the book, Object Mentor�s founder, Robert C. Martin, calls �JUnit Recipes� a �remarkable compendium of recipes written for those of us who use JUnit in our daily work.� He goes on to say, �No other book manages to cram as much wisdom, knowledge and practical advice about JUnit and unit testing into a single volume.�

Manning Publications is a publisher of high-quality technology books for software developers and managers. Manning is based in Greenwich, CT. For a review copy, please contact Helen Trimes at

J.B. Rainsberger is a Toronto-based developer and consultant. Faced with little available online documentation for JUnit, he wrote the online tutorial, �JUnit: A Starter Guide�, in 2001. It still draws thousands of readers a month and is required reading for college and university Computer Science courses around the world. This tutorial led to his writing �JUnit Recipes�. Scott Stirling is a Senior Software Engineer on the Platform and Tools team at Workscape, Inc. in Framingham, MA. He has been active in the JUnit community since 2000 and has contributed code to the Jakarta Ant task.

�JUnit Recipes: Practical Methods for Programmer Testing�
By J.B. Rainsberger
ISBN 1-932394-23-0
Softbound, 752 pages, $49.95
Ebook, $25.00
19 years ago
PS: Note how long the "Rules" list is:

Be nice.

Take your guidance from that.
20 years ago
Sooooo, Are you volunteering to draft such a Nettiquette page and suffer the slings and arrows of public disection?
If so, I would certainly think that we could find a place to put it (after we wipe the blood off of it). I suggest keeping is short. VERY short.
Of course you have to get it past the ULTIMATE critic - Paul Wheaton . . . but he really is a pussycat . . . really .
20 years ago

Originally posted by Paul Wheaton:
I encourage the staff to be even stricter there.

OOOOOOOOO!! So I am part of the STAFF now! . That sounds so OFFICIAL!!
So do we get to start having STAFF meetings now? And when do we get keys to the executive washroom??
20 years ago
Thanks for reporting this. We have run into this error on occasion before, and still have not identified a cause. However, if this becomes more common we will start working with the vendor to find a solution.
We have not noticed that there are any ill effects from this, so hopefully you are back to working OK.
20 years ago
Manning Publications releases
Tapestry in Action
Written by the creator of Tapestry
Greenwich, CT, March 2004 -- Manning Publications announces the publication of the definitive guide to the Tapestry web application framework for Java, written by a recognized expert, the creator and principal architect of Tapestry, Howard M Lewis Ship.
Many web development frustrations can be traced back to the underlying stateless HTTP protocol. Tapestry represents state and behavior as standard Java objects, methods, and properties. That means state management and multithreading are handled by the framework, leaving developers with just the application�s business logic. By using components, highly reusable building blocks, and creating new ones, Java web developers can create richly interactive robust applications with modest effort.
Tapestry in Action contains many simple examples to show how to tackle common tasks such as form validation, application localization, client-side scripting, and synchronization between browser and app server. In later chapters the author discusses more advanced topics including creation of new components and integration with J2EE. Those familiar with Java web development as well as basic HTML and XML will quickly learn a better and easier way to build web applications. Read sample chapters and other content from Tapestry in Action at
Tapestry in Action is the fourth book to be released through the Manning Early Access Program. MEAP is an innovative subscription program developed by Manning which delivers each chapter to subscribers as soon as it is finished, months before the book is actually published. The book is released chapter by chapter in electronic PDF form until the entire contents are released in ebook form. The print edition follows.
About the Author �
A professional software developer with fifteen years of experience and a member of the Apache Software Foundation, Howard Lewis Ship is the creator and the principal architect of Tapestry.
20 years ago
However, if you just double click a jar file, windows will pass that file name to this line of code, and it will execute. That is the ONLY purpose for declaring a mime type.
This has nothing to do with how I would actually install a program. Personally I always create .bat files and connect them to an icon for the user to click. With the .bat file I can redirect the path and classpath and name as many input parameters as I want, and the user still only needs to click one thing.
20 years ago
Moving to the Threads and Synchronization forum.
Jar files are not really "self-extracting files". They execute without extracting. You just have to make sure that your mime type is set up.
If you go in Internet Explorer to Tools/Folder Options/File Types and scroll down to find the jar extension, it should already be set up to execute a jar file. If not then you just add it as an extension type and point it at the java file to execute. This is what my file type option says to do with .jar files when double clicked:
C:\Program Files\JavaSoft\JRE\1.4\bin\javaw.exe -jar %1
Of course what I think that you are really talking about is an installation tool. There are programs out there like InstallSheild, and InstallAnywhere that bundle up all your java files, resource files, perhaps a .bat file to kick off the application, the jre if you want, etc and create a self-extracting zip file for the user to download. You can set it up to create an icon, install java if java is not already installed etc.
We use InstallSheild to create such a file, make it available on a web page, and then the end user can self install the application. The application itself still executes as a jar file or out of a bat file after it is installed.
Oh and here is a tutorial about jar files - Sun Jar Tutorial
[ March 25, 2004: Message edited by: Cindy Glass ]
20 years ago