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Recent posts by Bachir Affane

Hi people ! I am studying the Files.copy(Path source, Path target). In my book it says that its intended to copy the file from source to target so I wanted to copy a file "myFile.txt" from a directory "source" to a directory "target":

if says "java.nio.file.FileAlreadyExistsException: target". So I tried with removing the physical creation of "target" & instead of having two directories "source" & "target" & two copies of "myFile.txt", one in each directory as expected, I got one copy of "myFile.txt" in "source" & target got created as a file not a directory.
Hi people, please can anyone tell me why this code doesn't create the folder "myDir". I'm on Ubuntu, I created the folder javaTests manually & specified "chmod -R 777 /home/bachir/javaTests" on the console.

Hi people I have a bachelor degree in computer science and the OCA Java SE7. I am preparing for the OCP and I am planning to achieve all the
certifications all the way up to the Architect. My problem is I dont have enough information to build a career plan. In medicine
for example, the profiles are clearly defined: the general practitioner, the cardiologist, the ophthalmologist..etc but in computer programming
there are a lot of options.
What are all the java profiles requested in the job market ? what should I study with Java ? what are the most reliable resources on the web to
watch the evolution of the industry ? By the way my current practical skills are: HTML/CSS, advanced PHP/MySQL, Javascript, XML, AJAX
and Linux administration basics.
4 years ago
It works Thank you. And by the way, I am on the other side of the globe learning from a book you wrote. So it's very motivational to get help from you in person. Thank you again
Thank you Bear Bibeault. It works
4 years ago
Let's take this String for instance "ze$$ z$z"(three whitespaces between $ and z). Seeing indices as being "between" the characters, the
answer seems to be 0 2 7 8 9 10 but the program gives 0 6 9 10.
but the character in the index 2 is w and is it between "2"(character in index 1) and " "(character in index 3)...
Hi there
Here is my script:

I run it with these parameters:
java MyClass "\\b" "w2w w$ &#w2"

The output:
0 3 4 5 9 11

I don't understand why it matches at position 3 since the whitespace there is between two words "w2w" and
"w" and \b is supposed to match only at positions between a word character and a non-word character.
Am I wrong ?
I also don't understand why it doesn't match at position 2 since the character "w" there is between the word
"w2" and the non-word " "(whitespace).
Hi there I can't see my picture in my profil. I tried with a thumbnail version, I tried from both Linux and Windows(I thought there might be a problem with the path). But it's still not working.
4 years ago
oups...if that is the only explanation then why this compiles fine:
4 years ago
I see...I got it. Thank you Stephan
4 years ago