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Recent posts by Bronislav Bronek

What about the situation when I have 250 web socket connections ?

I see that 250 connections are opened
I have maxThreadPool = 200

When I create 250 users and run in the same time I see that all 250 are handled.

Could you explain me how it is posiible. You wrote that where there is not more threads in pool -  the connection request "bounces"
Tell me please this -

I have a webSocket server which is runnnig on Tomcat.
Tomcat works in NIO – non-blocking I/O (many more connections than threads) mode.

maxConnections = 1000
maxThreads = 200

Assuming 300 connections for example , all 300 users can be serve by Tomcat ??

I mean, one thred from pool can switch between 2 connections because of 300 > 200 ?
here is

maxThreads  = (int) The max number of active threads in this pool, default is 200
So, thread in tomcat can be either busy or idle.

default value of threads pool is 200

is this relation correct ?

( 200 - total number of idle threads) = total number of busy threads
the total number of threads = 200  by default in tomcat ?

200  -  the number of busy threads =  the number of idle threads.

Tell me please the difference between   the current thread and   the busy thread?
Could you please explain me this sentence?

"With a monitoring tool, you can calculate the number of idle threads by comparing the current thread count to the number of busy threads."

What is the current thread?  
What is the busy thread?
Could you please give me a tip?

I have Java websocket server. I wrote a client that can open many connections and send messages etc.
How can I find a bottleneck in the sense of latency (time between sending a request to server and receiving a response?

Everything what I have is a measuring of latency from client side and I can monitor CPU, heap usage from server side.
I have a problem with regular expr. here

The regular expr (?<=leftChar)(.*)(?=rightChar), works this way:

asdfckhitcg , when I try to extract string between 'a' and 'c' , the answer is 'sdfckhit'

I would like see this: 'sdf'

Could you help me ?
3 months ago

I have regular expr =

which can find a word between  AA and BB ,  for example  adAAjfjfjfBBdd,  the result is jfjfjf

Could you please tell me how to implement this in JAVA ?
3 months ago
I used SLF4J in my project but I removed all dependencies from my maven project because I do not need that.
Unfortunatelly when I run my project I see this below. I do not see any handle to SLF4J in my project.
Could you tell me why I see that?

3 months ago

one of the fields is a path to json file and I need that jason
3 months ago
Could you please tell me how to do this in Java ?

The line:
from the topic =
does not work, when I try to get 'portslist' , as a value I see '<%='/path/to/file.json').inspect %>'

3 months ago
This topic is not an added value to the forum and it can be closed.