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Recent posts by Aykut Bulgu

Harshit Patel wrote:Thanks all for the replies!!

Does the "Architect Enterprise Applications with Java EE" training require us to take previous trainings as well? The course page lists "Developing Applications for the Java EE 6 Platform" and "Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Using UML" as required pre-requisites. I haven't attended those trainings - in fact I haven't attended any "official" trainings from Sun or Oracle.

I am also wondering if the prerequsites are mandatory. Can anyone -preferably who has already taken the "Architect Enterprise Applications with Java EE" training- reply this question please?
I think it would be better for me to try OCMJEA cert. first. Thank you all for your responses.

K. Tsang wrote:Welcome to the Ranch.

Both certs are related to architecture indeed, but each cert focuses on different aspects. I have done OCMJEA so I'm more familiar with it than TOGAF.

The basic steps for getting each

mandatory training (can be done any time)
multiple choice exam
assignment & essay (max 6 month period)

2 multiple choice exams or 1 combined exam

OCMJEA is more like application architect level using the Java platform whereas TOGAF is more toward enterprise architecture and vendor neutral. TOGAF also focuses on a process (aka framework) so to speak and OCMJEA is basically about Java technology.

There are several levels of architect per se:
application architect
software architect
system architect
IT architect
solution architect
enterprise architect

Well having search on the Ranch for such comparison, you can check out more

Hope this help a bit

Thanks for your clearing out. However I know outlined info about OCMJEA and TOGAF difference. What I am asking is which certification to take first. 'Cause I plan to take both certification exams.

As you've cleared out, the two differ from each other in many ways. So I need an advice about in which order to take them -probably from someone who have an experience of taking both certs.

Thanks anyway;)
Hi all,

A few hours ago I asked Jeanne Boyarsky the below question in mail. She offered me to post this question in forum.

mabulgu wrote:
I am a java developer for about 8-9 years, and I want to reshape my career path towards software architecture. So that I want to get a certification of OCMJEA or TOGAF. However I couldn't decide which one to begin first. Considering their difficulty and other parameters could you give me an advice about this?

Note: English is not my mother lang., so sorry for any mistakes:/

Jeanne wrote:Please post this question in the forum. I will reply to it within 24 hours of posting. Someone else even might reply first.

This ensures everyone can benefit from the response.

Any further advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance.