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Recent posts by Peter Schulze

When  i should read this book? I am independent consultant and freelancer, but what i see some company love kanban and some scrum and some waterfall, personally for feels more natural scrum, but in cases of big corps its difficult to say thats its suitable enough.
Mikalai Zaikin can you list the links and learning material which you used for preparing for this certification?
2 years ago

Piet Souris wrote:hi Peter,

where did you attend the GDCR?

In Bayern Nuremberg Datev
4 years ago
It was great, seniors, juniors ,apprentices, students the atmosphere was great, free of charge food....
4 years ago

Frits Walraven wrote:I am sorry to hear that, what were the topics you failed on?  

What were your scores on the Enthuware mocks?

Hi i scored with 41 % out of 73%
Here the topics where i failed.

Associate multiple business interceptor methods with an
enterprise bean
Choose the correct session bean type given a business
Configure JNDI environment properties
Create a singleton session bean
Create a synchronous message consumer
Create an interceptor class
Create session beans Package and deploy session beans
Describe the life cycle of a singleton session bean
Describe the properties and life cycle of message-driven
Describe the roles of the participants in the JMS API
messaging system
Evaluate the EJB Lite Container
Examine session beans
Have fine-grained control over packaging and deployment
Implement CMT
Implement session bean life cycle methods
Process a timer notification callback Manage timer objects
Review JMS technology
Understand the Java EE security architecture
Understand the relationship between the EJB container
and an EJB component
Understand the short-comings of using session beans as
messaging consumers
Use a session bean to perform asynchronous
Use declarative authorization
I read a lot of books , my plan is to take following Begining EJB3 Java EE7 book, Enthuware i taked not so serious, maybe i should do it better next time.
My plan to read following book Begining EJB3 Java EE7, aside all of this activity i have my  freelance projects, so probably i would take even more for final prep.
My impression of the oracle test, its gravitates more to xml deployment stuf.
Today i tried to pass the certificate but i didn't succeed , well then it will be planed for the February.
Hi Lilou, well it dependents on you current employment status and education, region where you live , experience in industry, but current trends is more Java less Other languages. To be more practical for example banking and insurance industry use JEE a lot, but to master JEE it will take twice the time if you compare it with android. Sure C++ jobs exists too, but do you really want to work in such environment where pointers operator exists and memory leakage possible and where you have different C/C++ standards one for MS , GNU , ANSI? DO you like debugging the stuff out? In my opinion Java will stay for long time and if a new language will arrive it will probably use already existing JVM, so on that front no further worries available. Then another question about type of software development you wish to go into, there frontend , backend, embedded, security, networking and etc development.
4 years ago
Hi to all !
I reading the book (Enterprise Java Beans 3.1 author Andrew Lee Rubinger) and having understanding problem with this topic Declarative Transaction Management in EJB, can somebody help me or just forward a link to article where this topic well explained.
Thanks in advance!
Hi all!
I looking for the learning group, where i can meet people via skype or teamviewer like once or twice the week, i have build a test Pc(8GB Ram, Xeon 4core CPU) where we can test our ideas without any problem, write code in XP style discuss hypes etc...
My goal to prep myself by reading the book Enterprise Java Beans 3.1 for about one month, then month later do the enthuware tests, write pet project, and then after two month go to test center and take the certification ;)

So who is up to the challenge, as freelance i have some sort flexibility ( Region Europe) , if you interested write me a PM and i will respond asap.
For archive reason, this offer is limited till november 2017.
I personaly would like to know if this book covers generics and collection stuff in Java?
6 years ago
Hi all!
Well i finally decided to be better and get the certification from Oracle and to show some employee that i am actually good and need high pay.
Currently i am selfemployed programmer, with two years java experience mostly from my last work and some experience at the university and other company experience as apprentice.
I jumped on JEE hype train , but i starting from small and get the basics up and ready first.
So anyway, i like to study in groups not only it's give motivation but helping each other making the overall java community strong.
Lets talk about my schedule , i will take the test at may 2 2016, so anyone who wish to learn with me in live skype voice scheme is welcome, mostly at evenings or weekends.
Locationwise i living in Germany, so anyone overseas you need to adjust your time to my local time!
Yea and i definitely will be active at this forum.
Regionalwise , yes i know about java user groups, but in my area its difficult , i need to take the train like 30 minutes to the next city, which actually in my view counter productive.
I hope i get the results fast...
Hi all!!
Well first of all i want to express my gratitude to coderanch owner who took the time and gathered here a lot of information, my personal reason for being here is to pass the Oracle Certified Associate Java SE 7 Programmer Certification and learn a lot about Java EE.
My personal approach to Java is rather academic one, i pass my exams at the university and immediately was hooked by java there so much to learn and so little time to rest!
So i hope to be in very productive and skillful community and give something back for positive results.
6 years ago