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Recent posts by A. Costa

Good to know, thank you all for your answers.
I will take a look to the autocommit stuff asap. Any other topic that I should know before facing the exam but it's not in your book?

Thanks a million!
Hello everybody,

I found some questions related to JDBC in enthuware exams that I guess they are not in the examen's scope anymore (SE 8):

- con.setAutoCommit(false)
- prepared statements
- callable statements
- ResultSetMetaData

does anybody who has taken the exam lately ran into this kind of questions or something that shouldn't be in the scope?
Would you mind to explain a little bit better why the example of the> Double.valueOf(x)) compiles? I didn't grasp it.
As far as I know, if there is no braces and the "body" of the lamba expression is just one line, you will have as a return the body expression, so in this case Double.valueOf(x) should return a Double and the forEach shouldn't compile.

Could you explain it further?

Than you all! 
Good morning,

I'm using this old post because I might have found an errata in the same page. 
In the #7, the answer is A, but I think that the code doesn't compile due to toRealPath() and File.isSameFile(path1, path2).  These methods trow an IOException but it's not handled in any way.
Is this an errata or am I missing something here?

Than you!
Good morning,

Correct me f I¡m wrong but I think that the answer to the Q18 question should be E (A SQLException is thrown) instead of A (Anna) because the ResultSet is not one of the Scrollable types and that should throw the Exception in the rs.absolute(0) line.

Thank you!
Yes, I just misread that. Thanks a million.
2 years ago
Could anyone explain me why B is not correct as well? "Change doStuff in Great to throw FileNotFoundException and IllegalArgumentException." That would fix the overriding problem with doStuff method in Amazing class and it wouldn't get a compile error in main method because it throws an IOException wich is a parent of FileNotFoundException. What am I not getting right here?

Sorry for reopening a thread.

2 years ago
Do you mind explaining me why onw of the answers for type 6 is the B one? How could the acces modifier of a method in the same class change result of it?
If I had to pick one (besides A) I would go for C, but it says "runtime Exception" and I think that the executin of the code would throw an OutOfMemoryError not a runtime exception...but I'm not sure.

Could someone explain it?

Thanks a milion!