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Recent posts by Rajeev Srikhar

Thanks for replying, actually I got the ResultSet by using Stored Procedure like you mentioned. But I'm curious to use cursors in stored procedures and retrieve Result set data in java program.
Thanks for the reply.
My StoredProcedure with cursor should return a Resultset, so that the same ResultSet I can retrieve in java program. Please tell me the steps in doing that
Hello all, Can you please suggest me how to write the code which contains cursors in stored procedures in Ms SQL Server  so that I can retrieve using Result set in java program.

my code upto now:

when i use EXEC dbo.SampleProcedure;  I'm getting the output "Command(s) completed successfully." , instead i want all the firstnames and last names. Where i'm doing wrong?
Welcome Matt Butcher & Matt Farina....!
5 years ago
I have two jdks installed in my system, one being 1.7 and the other 1.6 . I have set the JAVA_HOME environment variable to 1.6 and also the environmental variable path to 1.6. When I type java -version from cmd I thought I will get version of 1.6 since I have set path to 1.6 but I got the details of 1.7.

So , how to use a particular jdk from two of the installed jdks in my system?
5 years ago
Welcome Mr.John Resig, Mr.Bear Bibeault & Mr.Josip Maras
Have a nice day!
I know that joins(left, right, full) is performed between two tables. But I want to know whether Left outer join is performed on more than two tables? I'm asking this out of curiosity.

I want to suggest the user before he can enter input in a email text field. I searched the gmail registration page and the suggestion they are showing is awesome. How can i get that type of style in my code?


I made the the above changes like you both suggested.
But when I place the cursor in the second text-box without entering details in first text-box I get a alert box, after pressing the 'ok' button the cursor is still in second text-box but I want to make the cursor to come the first text-box because first text-box is not valid.

So, which way is better

1. Simply showing alert box on typing invalid input in each text-box and doing validation check once again for all text-boxes before submitting the form.
2. Making sure that user enter correct input in a text-box before he enters the second text-box.

--Thanks in advance
I have 5 text fields and I want to validate each text field before the cursor goes to the next text-field. Instead of mouse events or key events  is there any effective methods that I should use ?

Inspired by games/apps like angry birds, watsapp etc, I have also decided to create an app long ago. Somehow I made up my mind to create an andrioid app. I was suugested to learn core java and I'm learning it. So, I want to know what are the other java related things do I need to learn before I start to learn android n develop an android app.

5 years ago
Welcome to coderanch respected gentle persons, Mr. Khalid A Mughal & Mr. Rolf W Rasmussen!
Thank you... looking forward to master in HTML!
Hello Everyone!

Recently I have heard of Bootstarp like 'it is responsive' so that when we write code  for PC environment, the same can be viewed in Tablet , Mobile etc without any changes in the code. Is it true? Also I want to know whether Bootstrap is replacement for HTML, CSS, JavaScript ? or let me know What actually is Bootstarp and how it is related to HTML, CSS, JavaScript.