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Recent posts by ravi nand

Thanks for the response Brian. I thought I put too many details in the previous post. Basically, I am testing error messages as part of the new application functionality and trying to validate the below error messages.

"Check that the order id exist in the Order table. If does not exist, stop and give the following error message "invalid order id is sent"

"Check that the product id exist in the product table. If does not exist, stop and give the following error message "Invalid product id is sent".

I tried to test these using the following steps but was not able to generate the messages.

1. I tried to update/delete some of the product/order data in both these tables and when I tried this, got an integrity constraint error.
2. Tried to modify the product and order fields in the application with wrong values but was getting other error messages but not the above.

my question is in order to test the above messages what test data do I have to prepare or is there any other approach?

I am testing 2 product related interfaces(one is new and another is an existing one) containing the same product, order, manufacture data etc. For ex - If I create a product in new interface and once I save it, that product information will be available in existing interface as well. I mean data flows between these 2 interfaces.

I hope this gives some clarity !!!

I am testing two GUI applications. One is a new one and another is an old one. Both the application tables and data reside in tables in 2 different databases. I have to validate some exception errors. I tried in different ways and still not getting the error msgs. Any suggestions/Ideas in regards to this are appreciable. Below is the detailed explanation of my test scenarios.

I have to create orders in new application with filling the following mandatory fields like Order id, order name, Product id, product name, manufacture id, manufacture name, vendor id, vendor name etc. Once I start

creating a new order, the order id is auto populated and need to select the product id, product name etc which are in new app and also stored in the old app as well. Each product id is mapped to a product name,

manufacture id and name etc. while saving the order the new app confirms the above mapped information in old app and saves the order. if any of the information is not valid will get an invalid error message.The product table is one of the main table in both databases and consist of same information as the data flows between these 2 tables. Example - if the product table of new app have id's from 100 to 110, the old product table also have this information as well including all changes to these order id's i.e. order 108 might have 2 more additional records with all updates. I have to test 15 error messages related to above mentioned mandatory fields. For

example - one of the error message is the product id, product name, vendor id etc should exist in the new table if not an error message should be displayed. In order to get this error message I tried to delete a

record in the new table but got an integrity constraint error and same with the update as well.In order to see the product id number error text which includes order id, I have to create an order which also creates a record in both tables.In simple words how to get an error if a specific id exists in both tables and error will only be shown when the new/old tables does not have the specific id or name etc .

I hope I did not confuse by providing too detail explanation.