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Recent posts by Norman Maurer

If you want to handle a massive amount of concurrent connections one thread per request or even per connection does not scale for various reasons. Some of these are:
- memory usage for the thread stack
- context switching

So yes I think it already replace it in many situations ;)
Netty is of course a good fit for writing microservices. The core of netty has zero dependencies. You may find the adopters , articles and related project pages useful:
You should at least have some knowledge of writing Java code and network basics. You not need to have any Netty knowledge to make use of the book.
Netty is a general purpose non-blocking / async network framework, which allows you to implement "any" protocol on top of it. While netty includes many different implementations for various protocols you are free to write your own if you need too.

Netty is very flexible and scale very well and so is used by many high-scale projects and companies that operate in environments which can be called "massive scale". For more details about projects and companies that are using netty see:
Netty is general purpose network framework which can be used to implement any network protocol. Netty itself ships with support for many different protocols already, which includes http / web sockets and many more. You can find some examples on how you would use it for this job in the examples or in Netty in Action:

Beside this Netty has a rxtx transport which can be used to talk to serial devices: