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I have tried in NetBeans to configure icon and splash for native build (self-contained) but with no effect. Actually I am not able to configure splash even for classic jar (but icon I am able to).

I have found some information maybe splash in JavaFX is only available for WebStart, isn't it?

I am building JavaFX FXML app.

Normally I am setting icon in code so for jars there is icon provided. Also I have found some solution for splash but all of them has to be coded (e.g.

I have also found some information that exe installer from Inno Setup could use custom icon ( This solution I can not use in my case.

Ant task part:

Only way I am able to use splash is via VM options.

Very weird is that after installation app shortcut uses coffee cup icon (also used in installed programs list) but if I want to change icon of shortcut there is only one option. Icon specified in ant task (so icon is included in installation).

So how can I specify custom icon for Inno Setup? How can I set application icon for Window system?
5 years ago

John Damien Smith wrote:User Khaled SAB solved your problem on StackOverflow:

In your controller class inside the initialize method you are loosing the reference to the old txtF object declared in your FXML by instantiating a new TextFlow object with the same name, and you are not adding this new object to your AnchorPane. So you'll need to remove this line txtF=new TextFlow(new Text("aaa"));

Yes, he does.
5 years ago

I try to deploy JavaFX FXML app as Web Start but I have got exception bellow. Jar is normaly working and also works deployed as self-contained app. I have build project in NetBeans v. 8.0.2. I have found so many similar threads over internet but either solution works nor I was thinking that solution is the right one.

In all solution has been identified this row

SomeClass root = FXMLLoader.load(getClass().getResource("someFXML.fxml"));

as a cause.

Solutions was:

1. Use path /someFXML.fxml.
2. Use FXMLLoader.load(getClass().getClassLoader().getResource("someFXML.fxml"));
3. Use FXMLLoader.load(getClass().getClassLoader().getResource("packageName/someFXML.fxml"));
4. Checks for files presence.
5. Signing the jar.

I have tried perhaps all of them.

I am thinking that the solution not depends on row shown.


Main Class



5 years ago




Main Class

5 years ago
I am trying to use TextFlow coming from FXML but no text is shown.

I have tried:


and also:

textflow=new TextFlow(text);

where text is:

Text text=new Text("AAA");

I both cases TextFlow shows nothing.

Is there another container for use with rich text using FXML JavaFX app?

For sure if I try both cases in non-FXML JavaFX app it works both of them.
5 years ago
Problem solved by rearranging components into BorderPane as toplevel container.
5 years ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:This doesn't sound like a Java8 question, so let's try the FX forum instead.

I thought that FXML belongs to Java 8 but it seems JavaFX will be better.
5 years ago
have trouble with resizing content of my JavaFX FXML app.

If app window is resized normally by dragging window edge the scene and stage are resized (I have checked this programatically) but the content does not.

Top level container is FlowPane. It is set as a scene root as Parent type.

FlowPane contatins: MenuBar, and TabPane with one tab. Tab contains AnchorPane and so on.

In SceneBuilder there is no option for FlowPane to be achored to app window edge.

Maybe it will be useful information that FXML loaded to FlowPane (this FlowPane is used for scene constructor) is resized but not seems to. If I wrap FlowPane to Group first it is not resized and of course not seems to.
5 years ago
More information:

• Javapackager uses for purpose of creation self-contained app 2 external programs: Inno Setup ( and WiX Toolset ( Both of them will be used to create one (one from each) installer for Windows.
5 years ago

Stephan van Hulst wrote:What do you mean by "native package"?

I mean installabe Java app which can run without actually installed JRE, i.e. self-contained application –
5 years ago
I am able to make native package but I do not know how to specify additional information such as vendor name, version number etc.

Where can I found list of these properties and how can I set them for package?
5 years ago
Problem is solved but not the way I want to. I am using folder structure like this:

  • arc – storing jar
  • jnlp – storing jnlp file
  • con – storing html files

  • Problem is somewhere in relative URLs. I have put arc and jnlp together and I have removed relative URLs and it is working now.

    Relative path in jnlp was:

    Relative path in html was:

    I could not find out the proper paths shapes.
    5 years ago
    I have deployed JavaFX app to web. At local host works fine only applet. Runned from a file works both – applet and web start.

    But after deploying to web server I got this exception (probably for both of them):

    Ignored exception: ExitException[ 3] Unable to load resource: file:/C:/Users/Jan/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Windows/INetCache/IE/jar/myapp.jar

    I have found some solution:

    Regardless I hope this is the right one it wasn't.

    I have tried Google but there is too much similar issues so I gave it up.
    5 years ago
    Problem is solved. I have for uknown reason packaged in jar source file instead of binaries.
    5 years ago