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Recent posts by Stephan Crandego

I have this problem where I have to make a java program that manages an archive (file) with fixed-width records.

The records must be stored footage for at least 5 employees of a company fields.

The file management must allow the logical deletion of records.

The program must have methods to:
insert a new record in the space left by a deleted record or if there are not, at the end of file
delete a record by knowing the position
edit the fields of a record knowing the position
list all records in the file
shrink the file by removing deleted records

So far i only have this..

I don't know how to delete and modify them

Anybody help?

3 years ago
I didn't quite get this problem, can somebody explain or what should i do?

"Imagine having a temperature recording files stored as integers, if the file must be modified to associate with each temperature the time of detection,
which is also stored as a whole, explain what you must do to turn the file and possibly write java code that performs this transformation."
3 years ago
Hi, so i installed android sdk and nbandroid plugin for netbeans.
Does anybody know any good documentation/tutorial for android development on netbeans?

Thank you..
3 years ago

Tim Moores wrote:
NetBeans does not support Android, as far as I know.

I'm not sure what you mean by that but i see some videos online installing android sdk, nbandroid plugin for developing android apps on netbeans.
3 years ago

Brian Tkatch wrote:For a low powered laptop, perhaps you can try installing Ubuntu.

No budget bro and i'm not into ubuntu..
3 years ago
Hi, I'm planning on building a simple mobile application on android. I'm not really sure what are the building blocks.
I know pretty much basic java, html and css. I use netbeans and i'm thinking of using it for building android because I can't install android studio (my pc isn't that great).
Can I use html and css for the user interface?

Can somebody tell me how should i start? Step by step?
Any helpful links to watch or read?
3 years ago
Hi, i want to know how to generate unique random numbers.
I used this but this generates same numbers in a sequence.

Somebody help, please?
3 years ago

Stephan van Hulst wrote:Do you have the exact problem description?

Normally, I would do this using a type of List, such as ArrayList, but this sounds like an assignment in which you're only allowed to use arrays.

Not exactly an assignment, just an exercise for myself..
I'm not bounded to using just normal arrays, i can use arraylist but doesn't arraylist grow? I need a fixed size which is 10.

I want to create method for inserting and one for extracting.. i'm not sure how to insert or extract elements from an array..

And the description is exactly what i have written.
3 years ago

I'm trying to learn arrays in java and I have to do this program that has an array or a stack that holds a fixed amount of 10 and is a type array. The program allows you to insert and extract an element to/from it through methods, one for inserting and one for deleting.
Should i use normal array? arraylists.. collections?

I'm not quite sure how to do it?
Any help? I'm not totally asking for the code but the logic, i'm bad at logic..
3 years ago
I thought that's how you reply xD
3 years ago
That kinda works! Thank you so much!
3 years ago
This doesn't work but thanks for trying to help
3 years ago
I'd still want to print them but as stated.. it gives me error..
3 years ago
I understand.. Is there a way i could get the current size of the arraylist?
3 years ago
I have an arraylist and i wanted to print just 3 of it, whenever i add 3 or more elements it doesn't give me an error but whenever i add less than 3 it gives me this error?

Can somebody explain to me what's happening? and why is it giving me an error?
3 years ago