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Recent posts by Amandeep Singh Ghai

Hello Thorben, yes I understand that. I am already aware of ORM Concept and way to use Hibernate. Effectively I was looking for some quick solutions and information like in your book.

Thanks, Aman
Hello Thorben Janssen, Congratulations for your book.

I am new to JPA and Hibernate in particular, and in the last days was reading tutorials and doing lot of google. It is a matter of coincidence that your book has come at exactly this time. Wish you lots of success with this book. I have gone through the contents section and this is exactly what I was looking for. I am sure this book will be very handy for many of my sorts.

Thanks, Amandeep
Welcome Yakov Fain  and Anton Moiseev, wish you success with the book.

I understand the advantages with Angular 2, which includes performance enhancement and powerful templating feature. I have a question regarding existing Angular 1 application. Is the migration to Angular 2 seamless? Can you highlight the pain points in the process?

Thanks, Aman
Hi Sameer,

Thanks for the quick response.

This is indeed what I was looking for. The book seems to offer comprehensive and consolidated information, for which one normally undergoes several trainings or read several books. Wish you success with this book!

Thanks, Aman
4 years ago
Welcome Sameer Paradkar!
I am currently working as Technical Specialist and making my way to the role of Architect. In what way this book could me acheive my objective?

Does this book outline architecture skills and competencies needed while addressing proven methodologies?

* Wish you success with this book!
4 years ago
Hi John Resig, Bear Bibeault & Josip Maras, A very warm welcome & congratulations for your new book. I have some questions.
1. Does this book take a dig on how to deal with asynschronous values, as far as Promises are concerned?
2. Does it offer some practice samples for each topic on the book?

Thanks, Amandeep
Hello Stoyan, Thanks for the answers.

I think this is very interesting. I hope the books also supports lot of practice examples & code samples.
Hi Stoyan, I have a general question.  I understand that React is an open-source JavaScript library primarily used for creating complex UI in Web-Applications. How does it differentiate itself from the other JS Frameworks available?

Does this book provide step by step guide in setting up & using React?
Great, this is indeed what I was looking for. Just checked out the complete Contents section & it looks promising.
This book comes exactly at the time when I am working in a web project based on HTML5 and CSS3. I have a question - Does this book offers insight into new HTML5 Media tags that helps media functionality integrate well in Web3.0 Compatible application?
This book has come just at the right time for me. I am currently working in a project where Web-Service call is made to get Json. The idea is to parse this Json and make some business processing.

Does the book highlights Json structure, its validation & also the data-types supported?

Thanks, Amandeep
Thanks Allen, that is exactly what I was looking for.
4 years ago
The table-of-contents section of this book looks promising. The book aims to highlight object-oriented-programming principle and concepts with the terminology. I look forward to this book as it aims to focus on these concepts. Does it also offers enough examples to demonstrate the underlying principle/concept? And are there also some practice sections inside?
4 years ago
How can I do JNDI lookup from application-client that is deployed together with EJB JAR in the same EAR file? I have seen several examples to connect remote-client to EJBs, but none that tells how to connect application-client (local EJB Client) to EJB using JNDI.

Please advise!