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Recent posts by Kyle Tang

That statement is correct. you can not mix CMT with BMT.
The exam is easier than I heard of.
I have been doing EJB development for quite some time though.
Still a good exam.

HF EJB book helped. this is the only book I read in the last 2 weeks for the exam.
15 years ago
Thanks a lot guys. That cleared things out.
got a question for you guys:

according to API, SessionBean.ejbRemove() does NOT throw RemoveException.
So, can a client get RemoveException when calling any remove() method on a session bean?


my guess is it will never get RemoveException for session bean.
these 2 methods are usually left empty for entity beans.
I have the impression that the ServetContext's RequestDispatcher is being deprecated, though the API doesn't explicitly say that.
sorry for asking this kind of faq question.
but somehow this is not answered in the faq page and I can't even find it on ibm's certification web site.
i don't think session facade and service activator are essential for SCWCD. but the others you listed ARE.
good, the original jsp defaults the content type to "text/html", so the output is commented out. in order to see the output one has to set the content type to text/plain.
setStatus() alone will not trigger the error-page.
I myself found reading the generated java file very important when studying JSP. Jeffrey, try it. then you will find JSP is not too complicated.
why there is no output? <!-- is not jsp comments, it is for XML comments. I think there should be outputs.
2 should be correct. remember, you can use RequestDispatcher to forward to an error-page? to do this, you set the exception related attributes in the request.
It is the parameters in the request, that may got lost. I might be wrong with this, it has been a while I kind of forget this point.