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Recent posts by Raji Ram

Thanks Hema, Bhushan. I am in Canada. I'll check for it.
That's a good news! Thanks Angela.

Originally posted by Jessica Sant:
(or maybe you'll find out that you're an SCWCD god and you're all ready for teh real thing!... But assuming you're mortal...).

Of course I am Jessica

Thanks for the advise.
Sorry for repeated posts!! I am terribly confused. That is why all these posts early in the morning
I have been studyng the SCWCD study kit and I am more or less thorough in it. I am thinking of taking the mock exams next week.
What else should I read? Please help.
Those who have already passed the exam, Please tell me when you felt you are ready to take the exam or atleast mock exam?
Thanks in advance.
Is there a minimum time before which you have register for the exam.
I mean if I were to appear for the exam next week, when is the last date that I can register?
I see in the Manning book questions that they say "Select one", Select 2 in the end of the question.
Is it the same case in the real exam too? Or do we have to decide how many right questions are there?
You can have a class that implements HttpSessionListener interface.
Then you can increase the count when a new session is created in the sessionCreadted method and decrease the count in sessionDestroyed method.
If you have Manning book, Refer Pg no:121.
Good Luck!
Thanks Vanniarajan.
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Originally posted by Renata fonseca:
the SCWCD book says that sendError() must be called before commiting the response.

I tested it but it didn't throw any exception! WHY?

Hi Renata,
out.println(1); does not commit the response.
You have to write a code to flush.

Hope it is clear.
Good luck!!
From Manning Book:
"taglib-uri is a user defined uri.Its value can be absolute uri, root-relative uri or non root-relative uri."
As far as I understood,
You can name the taglib-uri whatever you want in the web.xml. The taglib-location is all that matters.
the uri specified in the jsp file should be given the same name as the one specified in the taglib-uri.
The engine will look at the mapping for the uri in the web.xml.If the mapping for the uri is found, the corresponding taglib-location is seen and that value is considered to be the location of the tld file. It can specify either the tld file or the jar file that contains the tld file.
If no mapping is found, then it would try to resolve the location using the uri specified in the jsp file. If this uri is an absolute uri, it will give a translation time error.
I hope this is clear.
Correct me if I am wrong.
Good Luck!
I am not sure reg how long it would take for you to prepare for the exam. For me, I am currently working in JSP and servlets. So, I have estimated about 3 to 4 weeks for my preparation. May be it will take you a couple of weeks more if you are totally new to J2EE. Or if you have more time, 4 weeks should be fine for you.
The book comes with a CD that has a Tomcat server which you can use to run the examples from your home computer I don't think that should be a problem for you.
Good luck,
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Hi Karthik,
Congrats on passing SCJP.
Almost everybody in the ranch agree that
"SCWCD Exam Study kit" by Hanumant Deshmukh and Jignesh Malavia - Manning publications is the book to go for.
I am also currently preparing for the exam; bought the book a week back and is really good.
Visit the javaranch scwcd link for other useful links
Good luck,
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