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What are my job prospects?

Hi there.

I'm a non-native English speaker who's interested in teaching English overseas. Last year I started teaching English online and found that I really love it. I'm wondering what's the probability of me getting hired in various countries, given that I'm not a native speaker. Here's some quick facts about me:

- I'm a Lithuanian (EU) native, 20-something.
- I speak fluent English without much of an accent (however, it's noticeable by native speakers). People have told me my accent sounds like something in between British and American.
- I have a university degree from UK (unrelated to languages); lived there for 4 years.
- Been teaching English & Lithuanian for 6 months online. Received some solid feedback from my students.
- Currently completing my 120 hrs online TEFL.
- Have worked on/off as a EN-LT translator for two years. Not certified, though.
- Speak three other languages at varying levels and learning more.

I'm mostly interested in teaching in Central & Eastern Europe, but will certainly consider other continents as well.

What would say are my chances as a non-native speaker? Would YOU be interested in hiring me me if you looked at my CV?

Thanks for your opinion!
4 years ago